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Green tea contains substance that helps lose fat: If you are thinking that green tea is just flavored hot tea, you are wrong. Since you store fat in your body, the metabolism causes the fat to burn, resulting in weight loss. If you go through any weight loss product you will find green tea to be one of the main components in it.
Usually it has been seen that people drinking green tea each day has burnt about 3% to 4% of calories. Third, it controls your appetite and so if you can manage to limit your calorie intake to 5000, you can expect to lose up to one pound in a week.
Hope this article has helped answering the question on how does green tea help you lose weight. Green tea is usually brewed using 1 to 2 teaspoons of the dried tea in a cup of boiling water.
Many of my female friends have the habit to drink green tea to an extent like drinking water.
Most companies also claim that green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation. I rather position green tea as an alternative to coffee or soft drink for those are on diet.

You are not going to eat 5000 calories a day, drink a cup of green tea and make it all go away.
Instead of looking purely on the weight loss benefits, green tea does provide health benefits – eases digestion and brings about a slight drop in blood pressure. I’m taking Japanese green tea which my system seems to tolerate better after my problems with acid reflux and heartburn from too much coffee or tea.
Eating fewer meals a day will help with rapid weight loss – This is a very prevalent rapid weight loss diet myth, and it has persisted because common sense dictates that this should be the case. If you’re trying to lose weight, there are some herbal teas that are said to be helpful.
In simple words, the ingredients in green tea increase hormone levels that direct the fat cells to break down. Products such as green tea extract diet pills and supplements can also help as a fat burner. Because green tea looks and tastes nearer the original condition of the plant, only good and tender leaves are generally used for making green tea. Even if the loss of 79 calories a day is possible, it is better for you to jog to burn that calories because jogging will train your cardiovascular fitness.В  A healthy diet and increased exercise will go a long way in helping you lose weight. However, they can also cause your digestive system to go crazy, examples are Chinese herbal tea that make you always visit the you know… This is also an unpleasant way to do it.

Several studies have shown how it effectively helps in burning down fat, resulting in weight loss. The researchers also concluded that that over a 24-hour period, green tea extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. Rats injected with a green tea extract lost their appetites and consumed up to 60 percent less food after seven days of daily injections. Based on what I found from Internet, those who drink green tea to replace their coffee are the group who actually notice a drop in their weight. Of coz there is no such thing as a miracle slimming drug but i f i can replace my coffee with unsweetened green tea to replace the caffeine, it will b a bonus already. I could not really find a really good study that definitively shows drinking green tea will help a person lose weight.

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