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Calf’s liver is for this recipe, but it is not always available, so beef or lamb liver is a good substitution. Before you start frying, you will need to prepare all the ingredients and have them handy as the cooking process proceeds rapidly, so extra minute of heating could ruin the dish by making the liver stiff and hard to swallow. Here is my version of Liver with Bacon and Onions, tender steaks with a complex flavor of a very tasty sauce. Dip the liver in flour, shake off the excess four (but do not throw away), and fry for 2 minutes, turn over and cook another 1-2 minutes. Add Marsala and cook to deglaze the onions for about 2-3 minutes or until the liquid evaporates.
Add 1 ВЅ cups of water, the rest of the butter, salt, pepper, and cook over very low heat for 2-5 minutes or until the sauce thickens.
The herring could be served on a bun with chopped onion and pickled cucumber slices (for tourists), or simply as the locals do – just put it in your mouth and enjoy. Bubble and squeak is a classic British dish of smashed-up winter veg, traditionally made from the Sunday roast leftovers.
Carbs are a great source of energy and, excluding foods such as potatoes, are made from grains - like bread, pasta and cereal. Protein helps our muscles to grow and repair, as well as providing you with essential amino acids.

Buying sustainably sourced fish means buying fish that has been caught without endangering the levels of fish stocks and with the protection of the environment in mind. By submitting this form you consent to receiving news and updates from businesses in the Jamie Oliver Group of companies and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. To get a tender liver it is important to cook it just for a few minutes, literally 3-4 minutes.
Sometimes it helps to get rid of some bitterness in the taste and makes liver a little bit more tender.
This is very simple, delicious and mouthwatering traditional British dish – an excellent addition to autumn-and-winter recipes. Unravel the pork sausage links and squeeze the filling between them until all 6 sausages are joined together. We all need carbs, but try to make them all wholegrain by sticking to brown bread, rice and pasta - they are much more nutritious. Most of your sugar should come from raw fruit and milk, because they give us lots of nutrients too.
But we need to be careful about how much fat we eat and what kinds of fat, because in higher levels it's associated with weight gain, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Too much can be bad for our heart and cholesterol levels, but unsaturated or "good fats" in fish, nuts, avocados and some oils can help keep our hearts healthy if eaten in moderation.

When it comes to protein, try to eat leaner sources such as chicken and fish or non-meat sources such as eggs, dairy, beans, nuts, seeds, tofu and pulses.
Wild fish caught in areas where stocks are plentiful are sustainably sourced, as are farmed fish that are reared on farms proven to cause no harm to surrounding seas and shores. Jamie Oliver prepares this dish with balsamic vinegar, Nigel Slater serves the onions and the bacon separately. Bring to the boil and leave to thicken to a nice gravy consistency, stirring every now and then, and season to taste. How much you need depends on your weight, gender and how active you are, but it's around 2,000 a day. Nevertheless the result is the same: a delicious dish where the liver ideally pairs with sweet onions and salted bacon. Serve the bubble and squeak with a good portion of sausage, a spoonful of onion gravy and perhaps some lovely dressed watercress.

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