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Ok so I'm starting a thread about the liquid diet as I've had quite a number of people asking me about it because I have personally found it very successful. Before I started this diet I was consuming roughly 1800 cals a day made up of your standard foods;cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, meat and veg for dinner. For the first 3 days of the liquid diet I took laxatives in the evening (I used senokot- I'm in the UK, don't know if you can get it elsewhere). For the last 4 days of the liquid diet I have found it a lot easier to have less during the day and still not be hungry.
I think liquid dieting is a lot easier than people think but if you think a mono would be better then do that!
I don't want these dieters to develop develop an eating disorder any more than you do-- so show them how horrible this is for them.

You may lose weight quickly through starving yourself, but that progress will be gone the moment you begin eating properly again.
As part of our continued "No Judging" policy of this site, please do not post any threads related to discussing "Real Ana" v "Fake Ana" discussions (Wannarexic vs anorexic etc).
As a community, we do not care if you are a "real ana" or a EDNOS, or if you just want to lose weight or if you're really confused and just stopping by. Hi guys, I just completed the abc diet and I was wondering you might like to see the result pictures, since not many people had really completed this diet If you wanna know how I did it, visit my TUMBLR!
I've been looking at a few mono diets with one in particular that's been modified to last 28 days with lots of different choices, and where I've been binging non-stop since Xmas I think diving into a liquid diet is setting myself up for failure.. Stomach acid and food particles can make it up into these areas and cause serious infections, chronic breathing problems, etc.

Should you choose to make this mental illness your diet or your lifestyle, you will be forever ruining your body, hurting those around you, and ultimately, killing yourself. There are no excuses, like, "oh, I've tried everything, nothing works!"--if you eat right and exercise, you WILL see results, end of story. By telling someone without an ED who comes here to find diet tips to "leave" and that they are "stupid" or "not welcome here", you're doing far more harm than good.
While most people find the subject either boring or too complicated, it is highly recommended that you learn about the effect of protein, carbohydrates and fat on the body and the importance each of those play in a diet.

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