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Perhaps you could rig the second floodlight socket to trigger a noisemaker or a transmitter for your beeper. In kitchens and bathrooms, outlets tend to be a lot higher, no doubt in part because of the tendency to have counters and tile in those rooms, but also presumably so you can easily plug in things like hair dryers and stand mixers. The whole issue of constantly needing to plug in things like tablets and cell phones to charge them is a relatively new phenomenon.
A few years ago, I looked at an older rental home (Built in the 20s or 30s or earlier, but no idea when electric was installed) where almost all the plugins were about 4 ft off the floor.

That keyless fixture does not provide a ground to the three prong adapter plugged into the screw in adapter screwed into the fixture and therefor isn't legal in Canada or the US. However you can buy keyless and other fixtures with built in plugs so if that's what you want there are options. In living rooms and bedrooms, up until recently, most things that you needed to plug in -- like lamps and alarm clocks and televisions-- tended to stay plugged in, so it's not like you needed to think all that much about convenience.
My fridge plugs in down low too since that's where the cord comes out of the fridge anyway and it's less likely to be knocked out down there.

In the 80s the only thing I used to really regularly plug in and unplug every day was a vacuum cleaner, and that's a lot better off being plugged in closer to the ground anyway; otherwise you wind up creating a tripwire while you're using the thing. My basement laundry has special plugs which are maybe shoulder height I guess, but there are weird meters and things down there so that each tenant is only charged for what their own machine uses.

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