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Eating plan: Avoiding inflammatory foods is important because the inflammation interferes with how leptin functions in the body. One such condition is leptin resistance which contributes significantly to weight gain and ultimately diabetes.
A lack of physical activity increases the likelihood of leptin resistance as cortisol levels rise.
C-reactive protein is a byproduct of inflammation causing foods and sets the stage for leptin resistance.
With a few key lifestyle changes, control over proper leptin function in the body can be regained and the road to great health will transform from a weeded path to a super highway.

It most certainly does not have to be like this, however, and once recognized for what it is, reversing leptin resistance becomes a manageable and beneficial endeavor. When leptin is working properly in the body it helps to control how much is consumed at meals, which facilitates proper weight management and blood sugar regulation.
Exercise helps to mitigate the effects cortisol has on the body and decrease resistance to leptin. For sure Irvingia is no magic bullet but should be used as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle that promotes weight loss and increases leptin sensitivity. Cortisol also directly interferes with how leptin functions, making the body less sensitive to the leptin.

Often we find ourselves consuming simple carbohydrates and other highly processed foods that suppresses or usurps leptin’s ability to decrease our appetite and this is when the trouble begins. In addition to simple carbs and over consumption, chronic stress and sedentary lifestyles also increase resistance to leptin.

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