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The only treatment I’ve employed is a dietary overhaul, going to a low carbohydrate, high fat ketogenic diet over a year ago.
What I was reallyВ looking for when I started researching dietary interventions for cancer was essentially answers to the classic who, what, when, where, why and how’s of it all.
One of the key things I wanted help with early in my diet was understanding how to know whether what I was doing was working, and the section in the book on Monitoring Progress in Chapter 4 is very well done. I have already recommended this book and Davis’s website to a number ofВ folks who ask me about my diet, and received feedback that matches my own impressions. My son has followed the ketogenic diet since his diagnosis (Grade 4 GBM with p-net elements) in May 2013. Simply adding some uncooked potato starch (not flour) to the diet often reduces BG by 10 points, in addition to the other interesting effects.
On the topic of the blood meter, I like playing with mine, but I can be a data junkie and get too absorbed with it and forget that I also can tell when my diet needs reigning in by how I feel and how my body responds.
Have you ever noticed that any diet book seems to start its diet with a strict food plan that seems meager.

One of the more interesting chapters in the book explores how a ketogenic body state can improve some ailments. This is a valuable resource for anyone working on understanding how to make dietary and lifestyle changes in the face of a cancer diagnosis, or that of a loved one. Paleo diets are typically higher in carbs, don’t allow dairy products, grains and legumes.
It is a true diet targeting weight loss as opposed to a paleo diet which is a lifestyle choice. It presents the scientific support for using a ketogenic diet to fight cancer in an accessible manner that is written with the layperson in mind.
From what the diet is and why it can fight cancer, who leading researchers are in the area and what their research shows, to who should NOT follow such a diet, the top of mind questions are all covered in dedicated sections.
I spent about a week finding the same information last year when I started, and arrived at the same blood meter recommended in the book, used in the same manner.
Ellen’s book is available at her site, below, in ebook format, which makes following links to other external sources and information easy.

After reaching your weight loss goal, the ketogenic diet is easy to switch back to for periods when you are creeping back up. How to start, how to monitor progress, how to customize the diet, cooking techniques, it’s all here.
One of the chief challenges I encountered was that so much of the information available online about a ketogenic diet is framed for weight loss. Wheat Belly, by the way, is only a borderline keto diet, but the recipes in the WB cookbooks are easily adapted to full keto. I was continually frustrated in trying to navigate through the overwhelming amount of information out there on low carb, Atkins, Paleo, keto diets, and trying to tease out the information that applied to me.

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