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So there can’t be many of us who’d just love to discover a way to drop pounds ofВ weight simply by drinking a regular cup of coffee.В  And, strange as it sounds, thisВ is exactly what the revolutionary Javita Coffee is claiming that their product canВ do. Of course, those of us who’ve tried (and no doubt failed) in the past to get rid ofВ unwanted weight know that the likelihood of there being a miracle answer toВ dropping the pounds is pretty much non-existent.В  So when we heard about theВ extraordinary claims of Javita Coffee, then we decided it was our job – nay, ourВ duty! It honestly can work as part of a calorie controlled and exercise diet as a wayВ to lose those unwanted pounds.
Javita Coffee tastes HORRIBLE and is definitely not a good replacement for your standard coffee! For a coffee lover, a weight loss supplement in the form of instant coffee, might just sound too good to be true. Well, that is what we are here for, to take a deep look at the supposed effects of Javita coffee.
Javita coffee is manufactured in the US, this might not look like a big deal, but knowing that it respects certain safety regulations is a relief. What Javita Coffee Offers (Key Features) Javita coffee promises to boost metabolism and help you manage your calorie intake, while still tasting awesome.

The reason that it should do this is found in its ingredients: Coffee, Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. You can start with ½ stick of coffee, and you can drink up to 3 sticks per day, if there are no side effects. It’s sold in the form of instant coffee, which can be dissolved in water, but also in any kind of liquid, so you can drink it warm or cold, with soy or almond milk, or in any other way you may like. Javita Coffee Key Ingredients Now, that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at what it does and how it works. Coffee itself helps increase metabolism, it provides an important amount of antioxidants, and it also improves digestion. A study, conducted by the Harvard University, showed that coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes, which is strongly linked to obesity.
However, this is not news, and there are plenty of other coffee brands out there, most of which are much cheaper than this one.
The second important ingredient in Javita coffe is Garcinia Cambogia, a tropical fruit that looks like a small pumpkin.

The results showed that those who supplemented their diet with the extract, lost more weight, at a faster pace, than those who received the placebo (pills with nothing in them). So, the Garcinia Cambogia element in Javita coffee might not help too much in your weight loss journey, but let’s not dismiss it just yet, it still has one ingredient left, even if right now it appears to be just coffee that has some useless fruit in it. The Final Ingredient: Yerba Mate Yerba Mate is the third and final component of the Javita coffe, and it’s a special kind of tea. Although the manufacturer claims that by only drinking Javita Coffee, you can get back in shape, the truth is that this supplement can only act as a small boost. Nevertheless, if you watch your calorie intake and exercise regularly, while drinking Javita Coffee, you may notice that you lose weight a bit faster. In conclusion, there is no fairy dust in Javita Burn+Control coffee, but it may give you the small push you need to get things started.

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