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Use your imagination for stuffing, you can add a tsp of finely chopped banana or thinly sliced banana 2 or 3 pieces. I am sure your kids  will be excited to have this, so try it for their lunch box or snack box or as evening snack when they are back from school. Keep covered leaving enough space for the dough to rise and cover the mouth of the bowl with cling wrap or lid. Indian recipes for kids this one is also easily found materials – material in various countries.
South Indian breakfast varieties are plain, but try these flavored mini Idlies and you’ll thank me some day.

I wanted to post some kids recipes using nutella that too something that is easily adapted to our usual Indian cooking. One of the Indian recipes that can be tried at home is ka phal halava or better known as apple pudding.
Honestly I have no idea about Kashmiri cuisine, so I don’t even know if this is really a Kashmiri cuisine or the restaurants developed this recipe and named it so since this is sweet. If using active dry yeast, please dissolve 1 tsp(for this recipe) of the yeast in lukewarm milk along with sugar, wait for 10 minutes to froth and then use this to make dough along with curd and oil, otherwise recipe and everything same.
Flavored Mini Idli is a must try at home!Cooking for kids becomes a chore for working parents.

And I am so sorry for tempting you all who ever are determined not to touch nutella here after. And thanks to friend Sangeeta for the idea of folding, I made use of it here in this recipe.

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