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The GM diet vegetarian plan is among the most popular diet fads practiced by Indians mainly because of its vegetarian attributes and reduced consumption of meat. The Indian version of the GM diet does not vary too much from that of the regular version except for the beef intake in Days 5 and 6.
We have many gm diet Indian recipes for those who are looking for Indian food as part of the Indian version of the General Motors Diet. This weight loss management system also appeals to Indian delicacies that dwell mainly with vegetables.

Spinach and bean sprouts, as well as soybean curd or tofu and 1 cup brown or white rice may be used to replace beef in Days 5 and 6.
Soybean curd or 1 cup of brown rice may be used as a substitute for beef, or a cup of cottage cheese. Women in India find this diet system to be helpful since it allows them to shed off their excess pounds and enjoy a long term weight profile without undergoing major alterations in their current food intake. For folks that are not vegetarian and who eat fish, fish can be a great alternate to meat and can be used in meals and diet plan schedule.

A mixture of greens and boiled vegetables as well as the GM diet wonder soup may be served during lunch and dinner.

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