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Here is a 100% natural herbal tea recipe to help boost immunity – and it’s fine for pregnant women too!
Homemade flu-fighting tea recipe Forget about the store-bought solutions. Any time I feel like I’m having a cold, I drink the Secrets Of a tea cold tea which helps me, the taste is great too.
It means that by building a healthy body and immune system, germs will not be able to survive and make us sick.

Whether you’re just beginning to feel a scratch in your throat, or are in full-blown flu mode, this year try sipping on my homemade, immune-boosting, flu-fighting tea that kills bacteria, loosens mucous, relieves pain and allows you to naturally fight back. They’re also natural pain relievers and high in antioxidants that support the immune system. Naturally anti-viral and antiseptic, this traditionally used spice works wonders on our immune system, liver and overall health.
Those that are immuno-compromised, elderly or sick for a long duration of time should consult their physician.

Heating also helps release the beneficial curcumin to the body, so, unless you are drinking this with a good oil like coconut oil, and adding freshly cracked black pepper to it, the Turmeric will just go through your system with next to no therapeutic value, you may as well not bother putting it in there.

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