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What’s new about In Search of the Perfect Diet is its focus on anthropology and what we, as humans, have been eating for literally hundreds of thousands of years. The movie follows filmmaker CJ Hunt’s 10-year search for the “perfect human diet” after the raw vegan diet he adopted following a near-death experience failed to sustain him. I am a little sceptic about the paleo diet and I see one potential weakness with the argument presented in the film. I suppose you could also argue that improved medical knowledge and technology has helped to offset some of the selection pressures brought about by detrimental dietary changes.
I think a far more balanced approach would be to posit that dietary optimization may resemble a bell curve, with the mean being the paleo diet and the standard deviation being unknown. Some good points, and I wont pretend to be an expert on human evolution, but I think your analysis is a tad oversimplified. Evolution can be very rapid when assisted by culture – the human characteristic par excellence. Likewise, studies of humans show how anatomy and physiology adapt to environmental pressure on an ongoing basis. Critical reasoning does not take away from any real results and benefits of eating a natural diet designed to maintain beneficial levels of insulin. This fundraiser will enable Hunt Thompson Media, LLC to finish the international documentary series post-production work by Thanksgiving 2010, and release it for the 2010 Christmas and the 2011 New Year’s resolution season.
Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals. Interesting irony that the very capacity for making an argument for a plant-based diet comes from our ancestors’ move away from a plant-based diet.

Perhaps you were meaning to communicate humans should eat less meat today because they did not manage to kill much in prehistorical times. Although it does make sense that those who are better at digesting grains would potentially thrive in a grain based society, the agricultural age’s relative period of time on the human timeline is very small, so it is unlikely that any substantive changes would have had time to occur. I do think that they are more advocating for the idea that we were meant to eat food, in it’s natural state, that has not been chemically or genetically modified. The four-part series features the world’s leading scientists and advocates in human evolutionary nutrition.
Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy.
It is never easy to keep on a proper diet when society pushes all these different things that are supposed to be good for you.
There are a lot of good comments here, and the arguments for and against every different diet can be found throughout the internet. The 333 generations since simply have not been long enough to cause significant adaptations to the human genotype. For the first time a major television & DVD release will document proof of the Paleo Diet principles. I have come to the conclusion that there are some people who have metabolic problems or allergies that demand a unique dietary approach. Michael Richards discuss how his team has yet to find evidence of a vegan human via isotope analysis. Time is the critical factor here, not the number of humans before or after the agriculture revolution.

That he had a diet including grain carbs may have interacted with that genetic predisposition – but the genes pre-dated the agriculture. There are many anecdotal stories out there by people who successfully embrace vegan, or vegetarian, or paleo, or Adkins, or zero carb diets. Depending on your personal genome (how many copies of the gene salivary amylase 1 you have), you may well be able to incorporate grains into your diet – but you still have your ancestral ability to digest meat and fat.
When an expert on neanderthal and early human genetics at the Max Planck Institute throws around talk about isotopic dietary analyses that might confuse some folks, CJ asks the right questions to get at the real-world dietary implications of these findings. It’s clear from archaeological evidence from bones and teeth that, as meat intake decreased, human health plummeted.
So instead of jumping out with standard Primal eating prescriptions or suggestions from the start, the film is a gradual exploration of human evolution, including the dietary pressures that shaped and informed that evolution.
The paleo diet does advocate that people with very active lifestyles may benefit from a more carb heavy diet, but this comes in the form of starchy fruits and vegetables.
I don’t believe modern science is able to formulate dietary recommendations for INDIVIDUALS based on genetic profile.
But because the ancestral health community, while growing, is still relatively small, the film had to funded almost entirely by donations from individual humans who love this way of life and believe in it, have garnered benefits from it, and who want it available on a larger, different stage for all to see.
If you were among the donators, I thank you, because you made this very important documentary possible.

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