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The heat is on for the summer, so let’s take a moment to review the basics of staying healthy in our desert climate. If you need to be out in the heat, be sure to take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water and try to find a cool spot periodically. Summer in the Philippines can reach up to 41 degrees Celsius and if one is not careful, it can pose health problems like asthma, hyperthermia that can lead to heat stroke, coxsackie virus, lyme disease, and others. Using dates in your diet is also a good alternative to filling up the potassium level you need.
Better yet, take it easy and put off strenuous activities until the coolest part of the day. Babies and older adults are more susceptible to heat-induced illness, so check on them regularly. Food poisoning is also likely to happen during summer since bacteria thrive and spread fast in hot and humid weather.
Summer fruits, especially watermelons are rich in water so eating a few slices per day will help you quench your thirst. Water is still the best hydration so keep a water bottle near your work station or bring one whenever you go out.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it can help neutralize the damage caused by too much sun exposure. Even when we work less we lose lot of energy in summer and feel tired and lot discomfort with sweating.
Not only will this help you to take sufficient amount of food but also reduce your thirst during the day. If you are not good in taker of water all over the day you can add some flavors to your water so that you will feel like taking more water. Having health energy drinks that you find over the counter will also prevent you from feeling tired. During summer you should wake up early morning like around 6 and go for you Jogging or walking.
Remember too that alcohol can induce dehydration, so if you are drinking alcohol, also drink water or another beverage to stay hydrated.
And remember to keep your pets indoors during the hottest part of the day and keep refilling their water bowls. But staying indoors and keeping the air conditioning unit running all day and all night are no fun since summer is also the time to hit the sand and sea.

Excessive exposure to the sun is bad for your skin because it can cause premature aging and worse is that it can cause heat-related illnesses like heat stroke and heart ailments.
But it won’t hurt if you know how to take care of your health and avoid illnesses prevalent this summer.
This will fill up your body with sodium and potassium which you will lose quickly during summer. It’s a good idea to carry water with you whenever you leave the house to replenish fluids lost during perspiration. And you really can’t leave the sun out of the picture if you want to have a good summer fun.
If you know other helpful tips on how to stay healthy and beat the summer heat, write it in the comment section below. When sun rays directly hit your skin due to its extensive heat we lose lot of moisture from and skin and this make us feel lot tired.

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