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Purists like to pat the seeds dry with a paper towel, but I just try to remove most of the orange flesh and leave them still slimy.
There are 3 main groups of enzymes which are commonly encountered in baking : enzymes that hydrolyse carbohydrates (amylases, cellulase, pentosanases), enzymes that hydrolyse proteins (proteases) and enzymes affecting fats and oils (lipase, lipoxygenases). Because they consist of long amino acid chains, enzymes are classified as proteins and share many protein-like qualities. Proteases hydrolyse the peptide bond between the amino group of one amino acid and the carboxyl group of the next amino acid in a protein.
The goal of most methods of measuring enzyme activity is to determine how quickly the enzymes convert substrate molecules to product molecules. When formulating, designers must not only be aware of the starting pH of the formula, but how it changes over time. Exo-enzymes remove a single polymer unit from the end of the polymer chain, whereas endo-enzymes can rupture the internal bonds in a random manner at any point along the chain. The site of the attack is always at the peptide bond between the amino end of one amino acid and the carboxyl end of the adjacent amino acid.
An enzyme molecule, however, is folded into a specific three-dimensional globular structure. Lipoxygenases catalyse the addition of an oxygen molecule to polyunsaturated fatty acids to form peroxides such as indeterminateness acid. Although the exact mechanism behind it is not fully understood, lipoxygenase can bleach fat-soluble flour pigments to produce a whiter crumb in finished bread and rolls.

Considering how specific enzyme action is, once the desired results are determined, the enzyme to use will be a straightforward decision. The opposite is true, however, for proteases, which are inhibited by high salt concentrations.
In proteins however, all the bonds are peptide bonds but a proteine is composed of about 20 different amino acids and not a single chemical unit like the glucose in starch. Most lipase enzymes remover the two outside fatty acids, leaving the middle one attached to the glycerol. Within these contorted folds are cavities that match the external features of a substrate molecule - a fat, protein or starch, for example - much like a key fits into a lock.
The different mechanisms primarily control how the enzyme responds to different pH conditions. Hence the characteristics of the various amino acids add an extra level of complexity to the proteins.
Monounsaturated fatty acids contain only one double bond and polyunsaturated fatty acids have more than one. With their ability to immobilize water reduced, the damaged granules release free water which softens the dough and makes it more mobile. Other oxidants -- such as ascorbic acid - can promote comparable volume, but they don't provide a direct match for bromate. These include the enzyme source and form, the strength of the enzyme activity and how much to use, and the conditions under which the enzyme will be used and handled.

Bacterial amylases, however, tend to be more thermally stable and are, therefore, useful for maintaining softness in finished baked products. However, this can be expensive and, in the case of bacterial amylases for shelf life extension, be impossible due to detrimental effects in the finished product.
However, the acidity does effect the ionization of groups at the active site of the enzyme, rendering the enzyme more or less effective, depending upon the pH of the dough. To compensate, α-amylase can be added with ascorbic acid to improve the volume and increase the quality of the crumb. Early addition of a protease to a complete dough, however, will cause the gluten to become too weak to build structure properly, resulting in a course, uneven crumb.
Bakeries may either add α-amylase and ascorbic acid separately or select a custom blend featuring an optimise mixture of the two components. However there is a danger to it : the bread becomes softer and softer, it becomes more and more gummy and it is not uncommon that it will flatten, collapse while it sits on the shelf in case there is too much bacterial amylase left in the bread.

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