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If I knew Jack Johnson’s home address, I’d send him a pancake-o-gram with a stack of these pancakes all tucked away. I will say these gluten free brown rice flour pancakes do turn out denser than a wheat-flour pancake, which is fine by me, but for those who like airy pancakes, I’d recommend coconut flour or almond meal pancakes instead. Loved the idea – tried it this morning using the egg whites instead of the whole egg however they stuck to the pan although i used pam. We have made these a few times, and the last time my husband actually whipped them up in the ol’ kitchenaid mixer…and voila, the texture was a lot more like regular pancakes! I just made these and they turned out horrible, perhaps because I used an over-ripe banana.
I made this but put one banana in blender with two eggs a little fat free half and half sons workout protein powder and made pancakes.
The first time I made these they weren’t very good, but I just mashed the bananas with a fork and stirred in the egg. If you want to use the yolks, mix them into the banana but whip the whites to soft peaks and fold into the batter at the end, immediately before frying.
I’m at the dorm of my college without measuring cups but i would love to do that!! This entry was posted in 3-Ingredient Food, Breakfast, Sweets and tagged 3 ingredients, banana, Flourless, Glueten-Free, Low-Calorie, pancakes, video. I added half a cup of rice flour, 1 tsp of baking powder, a shake of salt and 1 tsp of golden syrup to the batter.
August 12, 2013 140 Comments These easy and delicious pancakes are gluten free, dairy free and free of refined sugars. Enter these pancakes of beauty- I never new gluten free pancakes could be so hearty and fluffy! Wow, I was quite happy with the pancakes I was making before but these have lifted my game to a whole new level!

I have had joyous experiences, frustrations, outright failures (ahem, gluten free thumbprint cookies, ahem cough) while using various flours.
If you like to experiment, using whipped egg whites, ricotta or applesauce may lighten these pancakes up a bit.
Feed them to your gluten-free roommates, save the rest for a pancake snack to be consumed at midnight, dream about ukuleles, repeat. I have a big bag of brown rice flour that I only used once…so I’d love to use some of it up on these delicious looking pancakes! It would be so easy to whip up one serving too instead of a whole batch of regular pancakes which would undoubtedly be devoured feeling me guilt ridden and stuffed. And in his smooth nurturing voice, he’d happily accept the pancake-o-gram and then start singing about it. The cozy scent of pancakes cooking in the morning brings a warm familiarity which is almost just as good as the actual eating part of the pancake experience. Made with brown rice flour, this pancake recipe is without a doubt one of my favorite non-wheat flour recipes. Mix until combined. In a separate bowl, combine the flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, and cardamom.
They are fluffy, only slightly dense, and taste just like banana pancakes made with regular flour. You could always mix in a tablespoon or two of almond flour to get a more substantial pancake, or top the classic version with Nutella and strawberries too. So, as a protein pancake addict, I recommend starting with those 2 ingredients, then if you want to add mashed banana, oats, or other healthy additions, get creative! I put coconut oil on a pan big enough for pancakes and set it to between 3 and four (out of 8).
If not just for their ease (you make them in the blender) they’re full of goodness- oats, banana, and almond milk.

I am passing the recipe on to my mom who is gluten intolerant and is always looking for yummier pancake options! I googled gluten free oatmeal pancakes and 20 minutes later was eating the most delicious and easy-to-make banana oatmeal pancakes.
The original recipe calls for mung bean flour, which I have never heard of nor seen at the store. They tasted so much like pancakes and were just as fluffy, and even lighter than the original. I left the blender on for about a minute to really blend up the oats and there wasn’t even a trace of a flake, you would never know these were made without flour.
While I’d try it in an instant, I simply replaced the mung bean flour with more brown rice flour. I do better on at least 8 hours of sleep, I will never like beets no matter how you prepare them and at the end of the day, my preferred outfit will always be t-shirts and yoga pants. They are amazing as cold leftovers with butter and brown sugar, jam and peanut butter, bananas and yogurt and make a great breakfast snack on the go! It’s not fluffy like a regular flour pancake, but it provides a fairly good simulation of a normal pancake. I think the blender is the key to them being good and not tasting like scrambled eggs with banana. I am also fairly certain (though not without some serious denial) that I feel better when eat a diet void of dairy and wheat. If you want, I can send you my go-to pancake recipe that can be made with wheat OR gluten free flours.

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