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When you think about home improvement, gutter repair probably isn’t the first thing that you think of.
Check your guttering for holes caused by rust wearing through the metal or by piercing by branches or tools.
This article describes making a repair to a leaky gutter connection or joint using fiberglass or plastic mesh and gutter sealant or butyl caulk to make a durable fix. We didn't want to have to remove the entire gutter at this leaky inside miter joint, but leaks had been recurrent, rotting a window sill below. We used a combination of plastic mesh and butyl caulk spread carefully across the leaky gutter slip joint connector to make a lasting repair. Continue reading at GUTTER REPAIR LIQUID RUBBER or select a topic from the More Reading links shown below.
I would try and use gutter caulk that gutter guys use , that stuff seem to work and hold up well.

If your guttering is sagging or lopsided, you may need to fit extra brackets to support it. I noticed when I hosed the gunk out, that all the corners are leaking and the homeowner wants them fixed.
Problems with your guttering can lead to damp and water entering your home, soil eroding from outside your property and water stains damaging your exterior. The good news is that patching a hole in your guttering is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. I have in the past just mounded some good ole silicone caulk over the joints, trying to work it into the open seams on the inside of the gutter as a fast fix, but I know it wont last very long. The original installation wasnt riveted, they only have one screw on each side of the corner on the very top lip of the gutter.
Rectifying these problems can be expensive and time consuming, so carrying out regular checks on your guttering and performing Toronto gutter repair whenever necessary saves you money in the long run.

You can purchase a roof and gutter sealant from a hardware store which is easy to apply and will rectify the problem quickly.
You must remove all rust from your guttering with a wire brush otherwise further holes will appear. Im just afraid if I ruin the corner trying to remove it , I will end up with a problem if a new corner doesnt match the profile of the original gutters.

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