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Whether you're a seasoned runner or a complete novice, it's time to find out how much you really know about running.
Staying healthy at work can be tough and countless research studies link sitting for long periods of time to health concerns such as obesity and metabolic syndrome. Keep healthy snacks handy: Instead of running to the vending machine for chips or processed snacks, keep healthy snacks available and in clear sight.
Encourage others to be healthy at work: Your office may already foster a work culture focused on good health. Vivian Doan is a globetrotting foodie that balances her endless appetite with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

We all have made these excuses, and in the world we live in today which feels like a constant race against time it seems only inevitable that we put our health second to all the other things that seem so important.
Snack on a yogurt half way through the morning and a healthy granola bar right before lunch. This week we help you stay healthy at work with the top 10 lunchtime workouts, five healthy snacks to eat at your desk, and 10 tips for a healthier work day. Use it correctly by sitting upright and not slumping over, and it will help engage your core at work and improve your posture.
If not, create it yourself by encouraging others to join you on your lunchtime walk or packing healthy lunches and snacks.

Running through the morning hours with only a cup of coffee is detrimental to your metabolism, as well as to your work performance. An easy DIY standing desk can be made by using a pile of books or small stool to raise your workstation to chest-height.

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