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Another thing to think about is this… dogs were never designed to eat an entirely dehydrated food source. There a lots of really obvious good reasons why you’d want to make a homemade diet, but the number one reason people consider making a homemade diet for their pets is because you know exactly what is in the food. They don’t really regulate the quality, absorption, or digestibility of the pet foods. Some of the higher carb veggies can be appropriate in certain situations… for example, if you have a really lean dog that is having problems holding or maintaining their weight.

You want the food to be a high-protein, high moisture, low carbohydrate diet… and that can be very difficult to find. So the advantage is by home preparing your pet’s meals, you have complete control over the ingredients that go into your pet foods. What that means is that you have to trust these pet food manufacturers to tell you the truth about the ingredients they use to manufacture your pet’s foods.
You also have to trust that what they display on the label is actually what they put into the food.

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