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Colon Cleanse Total is the #1 Colon Cleanse Product in UK as well as Australia & Canada. Unlike your Skin & Body, Your Colon also needs Regular Cleansing for its proper functioning. Colon Cleanse Total is the Leading Colon Cleanse Supplement in Australia, Canada, & UK.

High fiber colon cleanse 100% pure psyllium husk Supports weight management Promote detoxification with the Original Colon Cleanse from Health Plus. Environmental pollutants from air, food, water, stress and lack of exercise can build up in our colon. Colon Cleanse supports a healthy digestive system, healthy heart, regularity, detoxification of the colon and promotes weight management.

This 100% pure psyllium husk powder is formulated especially for people on low carb diets or those who are looking to support blood sugar and cholesterol health.

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