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As well as being produced during an immune response, histamine can also be absorbed from histamine-rich FOOD, and produced by bacteria within that food.
In the majority of people, circulating levels of histamine is kept in check by an enzyme called diamine oxidase (DAO). These people have a histamine intoleranceВ and commonly experience immune responses on the skin, including rosacea (reddening), acne and eczema. It is really difficult to diagnose histamine intolerance through tests because production of DAO is influenced by so many other factors in the body.The most accurate way to determine if you really are reacting to the histamines in food is an elimination diet.

For the most part, the biggest source of histamine in food isn’t the food itself… It’s bacteria in the food. So while fermented products are healthy and growing rapidly in popularity, they’re actually really no good for someone with a histamine intolerance. Foods that are rich in histamine themselves are also worth eliminating during an elimination diet.
For those people, histamine is likely to build up in the body, especially after a histamine-rich meal or two.

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