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Whether you’re vegan or entertaining a vegan guest for Thanksgiving, our healthy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving, featuring many vegetable side dishes and grain side dishes, are perfect to round out a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Corn and Squash Pudding (above) This tasty side dish gets a twist with the added bonus of squash. Green Bean Casserole With Crispy Shallots Skip the soup in a can in this quintessential Thanksgiving side dish and make a creamy sauce using low-fat milk instead.
Three-Cheese Macaroni If you serve macaroni and cheese at your Thanksgiving feast, make it this lower-fat version.
Herb and Apple Stuffing Before you reach for the white loaf, opt for whole-wheat bread for a well-rounded apple-studded stuffing from Ina Garten.To make it truly meatless, use vegetable stock instead of chicken.
Here’s your premier source for vegan Thanksgiving recipes and menus to create a memorable dinner—suitable for any vegetarian guests as well!
For even more recipes and menus for Thanksgiving and other major holidays, see Nava’s book, Vegan Holiday Kitchen). I always feel like my youngest sister and her family get left out at TG because they are the only ones in the fam whom are vegans.
Thanks, everyone; that’s what VegKitchen is here for — to make Thanksgiving (and everyday) meals easy, tasty, and compassionate!
I tried the corn chowder tonight and it will definitely be one of my main dishes this Thanksgiving.

There may have been a time when vegetarians didn't feel very welcome at the Thanksgiving table, staring down a vast platter of turkey, and doing all they could to keep their mashed potatoes clear of gravy.
Anna Thomas's 1970s book, The Vegetarian Epicure, is iconic; updated in the '90s and rechristened The New Vegetarian Epicure, it focuses on recipes for entertaining.
This hearty dish is based on ribollita, the thick Tuscan soup made with leftover minestrone and chunks of bread. Joanne Chang switches up the flavors of Thanksgiving's classic squash soup with a host of Asian ingredients, including curry paste, ginger and coconut milk.
Try our easy vegan recipes for Thanksgiving for flavorful dishes both vegans and nonvegans at your Thanksgiving table will enjoy. Luckily, this meal is all about the side dishes, many of which are meatless, or can be easily adjusted into vegetarian recipes. Not only does the squash add a vibrant color and tons of vitamins to the dish, it provides a creamy texture that plays well off the crisp corn kernels.
Vegetarians beware: the meat-lovers at you Thanksgiving table are sure to love this dish, so make enough for everyone. Create mix-and match menus from the following recipes, from soup to dessert, complete with vegan stuffings and main dishes—all the holiday traditions you adore, updated for a compassionate plant-based feast.
Take a look under the main dishes at Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie (you can replace the potato layer with soft polenta if need be) or Pueblo Corn Pie.

However, MAJOR turnoff to have to see an ad on the side of the page featuring a cooked TURKEY!!!!
One of her latest dishes is this crusty baked polenta, swirled with mashed butternut squash and smoked Gouda cheese. To create a terrific vegetarian main course, Michael Symon tosses quinoa with arugula, apple, raisins and fresh herbs, then spoons the salad into a halved baked squash (a great source of iron and vitamins A and C). These healthy recipes are all meatless so will please vegetarian guests, but are so delicious they’ll be favored by meat-lovers as well.
I combined that with my favorite shepherd’s pie recipe from the book 21 Festive Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes for Beginners by Steven Cook. And F&W's Melissa Jacobson Rubel's creamy mushroom pasta is not only meaty with flavor, but the mix of pasta shapes makes the dish a great one for kids, regardless of whether they eat meat or not.

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