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If you’re looking for great ways to make fun snacks for your kids, check out these 10 cool and healthy ideas. Pinterest is quickly becoming the go-to site on the web for unique and interesting ideas for every holiday. Dressing up basic snacks like fruit, veggies and sandwiches will put a smile on your kids’ faces and encourage them to eat healthy all day long.
Let your children paint the clips in bright colors and stick on pipe cleaner to make theВ antenna. Now add these butterfly snack packs to your kid’s lunch box and turn their midday meal into something special. Totally doing this as a brownie project in conjunction with discussion about healthy foods. Totally going to do this for my day of providing snacks in my Kindergartener’s class. Thank you so much for getting right into the breakdown of cost and for this better than great picture tutorial!
These healthy snacks are arranged in a fun and creative ways so even the pickiest eater will enjoy snack time. Cut circular slices of banana, pear, kiwi, orange and cheese, and cut a long, thin rectangle of the cheese for Saturn's rings.
Healthy snack ideas for kids is one of the biggest challenges that every mom faces almost everyday. I will share some healthy snack ideas for kids that you can either buy from the store or make it yourself. As moms we love to give our own twist to any recipe and you can do the same with these easy healthy snack recipe ideas for kids.

Nutritious snacks for kids are yummy and healthy snack options for kids that they can enjoy any time of the day. But buying fruit, vegetables, cereal, nuts, or whatever in bulk is at least 50% cheaper than paying for pre-packaged portions. However, I am probably (one of) the first to price out these insect clips and suggest them as an alternative to pricey snack packs.
It’s my daughter’s week to bring healthy snacks to her Montessori class and your butterfly snack packs were a hit and no brainer choice for my little girl!
Using a toothpick, dab two small dollops of hummus on the front tomato for the eyes and then stick two halves of one toothpick in the top of the tomato head for the antennae. I will also give you the nutrition load in each of the fun healthy snack for kids that I am going to mention here.
Healthy Popcorn Snack for kids: All you need to do is pop some popcorn and toss in with butter or even layer it with a cheesy layer at the end. Roasted Chickpeas: This is a high protein and healthy snack idea for kids that they would completely love. Deviled Eggs: This is a healthy snack idea for kids that are packed with proteins and energy.
Here’s a list of different healthy snack ideas for kids with nutrition for each listed down. She's a creative mom with a passion for crafts and is always out searching for more to share with you! Be sure to register for your free account which enables you to save projects to your craft box as well as submit projects to be featured here.
A single 65g snack pack of carrots costs $0.99, while a 5-pack of apple slices whacked my wallet for nearly $5.

Ok, a very silly way to encourage the kiddlets to eat healthy snacks while cutting daily lunch box food costs.
Even including the cost for the craft, you’re saving money in your food budget while getting your kids involved in a fun weekend project.
Add in the cost of food, and you’re still spending about 50% less than pre-packaged snack pack portions. We’ll link to your page here when we make them and blog about it on her site this week.
Place two banana slices in the top corners of the toast as the ears and one slice in the middle for the snout. When I am not bugging my readers with my thoughts I am trying to make sense of my overworked and underappreciated life. Crafts are sorted by type and by age group, you can even find projects that adults can make for their little ones. Make a small hole in the top of the string cheese at one end and insert a pretzel stick into it.
Just boil the eggs, separate the egg yolk from the white portion, make a nice cheese mixture with the egg yolk and place it back in the half cut white portion.

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