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We hear it all the time: working out is only HALF the battle when we're trying to lose weight or stay fit. Treat yourself to today's waist whittling deal from Hommy's Homemade Food: Fork over just 265 AED and you girls can score three days worth of healthy, hearty, customized meals. Snacking from stress or boredom seems more complicated, but the basic solution is very simple. Learning healthy ways to manage and respond to stress is crucial not only for losing weight, but even more so for keeping weight off.

Snacking doesn't have to be boring or a ticket to a bigger waist size, you just have to be a bit smart about it and plan ahead.
Since healthy snacks aren't always cheap, here are some recipes you can whip up in the kitchen. Frankly, I think it's the other half (you know, the whole eating healthy bit) that's a lot more difficult to maintain. At 47% off the regular price tag, you'll get three breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners, plus snacks delivered to your door at no extra cost.

They offer an organic, nutritionally balanced, calorie-controlled meal program for weight loss and health maintenance.
So get rid of those awful snacks you have and start making snacks that are delicious and good for you.

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    Feel fit and healthy by eating delicious and healthy by eating delicious.