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London based healthy snacks brand, Saviour Snacks, has announced the launch of its online delivery service that offers a range of nutritious snack boxes delivered straight to the door.
Dedicated to seeking out healthy, tasty and interesting snacks on the market so that consumers don’t have to, Saviour Snacks selects, screens and sorts the products individually before delivering each snack box to homes and offices on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription – or as a one-off gift. Saviour Snacks already has 70 brands on their product listing and has proudly attracted wellknown brands including Nak’d, Kallo, Nairns and Bounce as well as continuing its commitment to discovering and supporting local independent brands such as Munchy Seeds, Mr Filberts, Oloves, Trumi and Nutshots to name a few. The Ultimate Collection is the first in the range from Saviour Snacks and its signature collection.
Each Ultimate Collection comes with its own bite-size menu card which highlights exactly what is inside the snack box and helps those with intolerances to snack more easily.

Saviour Snacks will continue to extend their snack collections throughout the year and are about to launch their Gluten Free Collection.
The only downside is that opening one of these boxes starts a timer that expires in one month, and when you've devoured all of the seeds, nuts, figs, shells and nom noms, there's nothing more coming for another (checks watch) month. Taking into account my general dislike of almonds, she picked five of her favorite NatureBox selections, packed them in the eponymous box, and then spent a couple of weeks no-doubt wondering if I'd ever get around to reviewing them. Blueberry Nom Noms are a pleasing mass of oats, honey, blueberries, dark chocolate and mystery, arranged into a thick and chewy snack that's much more bitter than I expected. We recommend the banana, cacao and coconut, for an indulgent affair or the Christmas crumble for a healthy friend not to feel lonely on Christmas Day.

It's almost too mature a taste for a snack named for the onomatopoeia of a hamster munching a carrot.
We have selected and sampled the five of the best health boxes in town, delivered to your front door. Now I'm on the radar of every healthy snack provider in the world, and Snacktaku will be about healthy things from here on out, starting with NatureBox, a healthy snack delivery service with much bigger boxes.

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