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Most types of fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are unsaturated fats that are good for your heart. Fresh fruits and vegetables supply vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium, and they are also a healthy source of dietary fiber.
She’s been writing health-related articles since 2010, focusing primarily on diet and nutrition. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Saute fresh peas with white onions and minced garlic for a low-calorie dish to eat with your fish. Most varieties have a mild, nutty taste that complements salmon’s rich, meaty flavor.
Cooked wheat berries are a traditional whole-grain side dish for poultry, seafood and fish such as salmon.

Round out your fish main course with heart-healthy side dishes that also do good things for your heart.
Use olive or canola oil to cook your side dishes and don't use solid fats like butter and lard.
Soaking brown rice in warm water for 20 hours prior to cooking it activates enzymes that enhance the grain’s amino acid profile, according to the book “Superfoods.” Pigmented varieties, including black, mahogany, red and purple rice, are other whole-grain options.
While fine-ground bulgur is suitable for use as an ingredient in bread, meatloaf or stuffing, coarse bulgur grains are large enough to be used in a whole-grain dish.
A large spinach salad with tomatoes, onions and cucumbers is another heart-healthy side dish.
Many prepared and packaged legumes, such as canned beans, contain salt to preserve the food and enhance the taste, but too much salt can damage the health of your heart. It’s rich in fiber, protein, folate, vitamin B-6, thiamine, riboflavin and several minerals — a cup of cooked quinoa provides approximately 21 percent and 16 percent of the daily values for fiber and protein, respectively.

Coarse bulgur is traditionally used in place of rice to make pilaf, which you can season as desired to accompany salmon. Combine the cooked grains with vegetables to make the side dish even more beneficial for your heart. As with brown rice and quinoa, you can successfully use wheat berries as the basis for a warm, hearty side dish or a refreshing grain-based salad.

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