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Kendra says, “Whether you have some leftover chicken (or turkey) breast or ham, leftover shredded cheese from nachos or Taco Night, or deli meat and cheese scraps from making Cracker Stackers or other cute bento shapes, a Chef Salad is a great way to use them up! Check out the 5 most effective ways to measure your fitness progress and enjoy the reward of your hard work!
From a kale and quinoa salad with dates, to pita pockets with chicken and Manchego, you'll be brown baggin' it in style at the office all week long. A great example of this is Faith's "Salad Swag" where she breaks down the components of simple lunch salads.

Ariel is the Engagement Editor for The Kitchn, where she writes fun things and manages social media. On her blog, Biting the Hand Feeds That Feeds You, many of the lunches she posts are the delicious and healthy salads she makes for herself.
A good question to ask yourself is whether the flavors will meld well if kept together for a couple days, and whether or not something will get soggy, or go bad when mixed with another element of the recipe. Sandwiches, soup, salads – there's no reason you should be ordering take-out or hitting the vending machine when there are simple, delicious recipes to be devoured.

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