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Salad dressing is one condiment you can leave off of your store list; not only is it easier to make at home than running to the store, but it also becomes healthier when made in the comfort of your own kitchen. From Jaime Young, FitSugar Shake and Go Salad Dressing Notes To switch up the flavor a bit, you can make small swaps for each ingredient in the dressing: instead of always using grapeseed oil, try subbing in olive or walnut oil once in a while. Splashy, classy or saucy, salad dressings amplify the flavor of your favorite fruits and vegetables. July 28, 2010 by tdomf_91172 10 Comments Sign up to receive FREE weekly emails with recipes, coupons and other money saving tips right into your inbox. The absolute quickest way to dress a salad, and one of the tastiest is to sprinkle the greens with red or white wine vinegar, drizzle with olive oil and toss with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
Fresh garlic or garlic powder – fresh garlic can be minced or crushed or you can use a fork to mash a clove of garlic with some kosher salt.
Tiffany King shares recipes, menus and complete grocery lists on her site Eat at Home, Everyday Food for Busy People. Whenever I buy a bottle of salad dressing, I always seem to end up throwing over half of it out, due to our family’s differing preferences.

If you want a healthy ranch dressing recipe, substite cottage cheese for the mayo & sour cream. So we've created delicious, healthy versions of classic favorites, plus new flavors to try. I like to use grapeseed oil so that I have the versatility of using the dressing in a warm salad as well as colder greens. Though it’s best to balance bitter greens with sweet dressings and vice versa, there are few hard rules to follow when it comes to blending your own dressing.
Sea salt is much more flavorful than table salt, and a coarse grind adds texture to dressings. Play around to find the combo that’s destined to become your signature household recipe. Each issue of Mother Earth Living features advice to create naturally healthy and nontoxic homes for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll save an additional $5 and get six issues of Mother Earth Living for just $14.95!

I love homemade salad dressings but looking up the recipe, checking and rechecking for amounts and measuring seemed to take too much time for an ordinary week night. As you experiment with making homemade dressing, you’ll find your perfect flavor combos and you’ll be able to fix it in a flash! She’s married with 4 children who range in age from 18-7 years old, a couple of which are willing salad eaters. Make one of our healthy salad dressing recipes at home for a healthier dressing to top your salad. Experiment with quality ingredients using the guidelines below, or try one of the delicious recipes for homemade salad dressings below.

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