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Dietetic Intern Nicole Rodriguez explains how a bento box can inspire your kids to eat a healthy lunch. Because the bento box is compartmentalized and usually leak-proof (check manufacturers for details), items like dips that were once off-limits can easily make an appearance at lunch. Bell peppers – Crunchy and packed with vitamin C, colorful peppers hold up nicely and are great addition to dips. I work from home so don’t have to pack a lunch but these are still great ideas that I’m going to use!
For years I was winning to my husband to take lunch at work but he wasn’t listening to me!

I like the variety—I try to get as much variety as I can with my lunches, then I feel more satisfied. A balance of fibre, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins will help growing bones and give a healthy does of brain power to stay in tune. The perfect lunch is balanced, nutritious and yummy enough to discourage your little one from making a lunch-table trade for a bag of chips. Try different varieties like Melba toast (delicious paired with cream cheese), rice crackers (delicate and perfect for fruit) and rye crisps (for the lover of lunchmeat). I’m usually lazy preparing a proper packed lunch, either a sandwich with cheese, egg and veggies, or a salad with greens, avocado and eggs.

We pack dinner leftovers for our lunches (we both work away from home) and that works out great 99% of the time. After years with stomach problems and now that he tries to lose weight in a systematic manner, he was finally convinced to take lunch at work.

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