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Restaurants are starting to listen to make menu options for the health conscious individuals. While I think it is always possible to be able to prepare quick and easy meals that you can take with you, you can also ALWAYS find a fairly decent Primal option on any restaurant menu. When friends ask me to eat out, if it isn’t a cheat day, I choose a place that has delicious options that will satisfy me and allow me to eat healthily. DIFNA became and acronym for 4 elements of health and fitness- Diet Information Fitness Nutrition and Attitude.
Information- DIFNA strives to share health information based on science and reputable studies. Attitude- We care about nurturing mental health, with a focus on self-motivation, and developing the proper psychological outlook and the attitude necessary to achieve good health.

The DIFNA LifestyleDiet, Fitness, Nutrition, and Attitude are all essential elements of the DIFNA healthy lifestyle.
Well, at Panera Bread, some of the healthiest and most flavorful options don't appear anywhere on their menu. I had it recently when I made a car trip to Indiana with my Mom to visit my sister and we got Panera bagels and mochas for old-time sake. Boston Market – We rarely read of Boston Market mentioned on any lists of healthy food options, but what it really boils down to here are options.
I is for Information- using solid science and information-backed exercise and nutrition routines to maximize your health and well-being. It turns out that earlier this year, Panera Breads nationwide started offering a new lineup of "power foods" with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and veggies as part of its all-new Hidden Menu.

But if you make an effort and really look at the menu instead of just ordering the first thing that looks good because you are hungry, you may find that there are even more healthy options out there than you realized! Eating out doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your healthy lifestyle (unless of course it is a cheat day!). These six "power foods" items aren't promoted in-store, but fans and followers of Panera's social media channels will get the inside scoop. You can get a side of veggies or skip the sides all together if there aren’t any great options.

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