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Full-time employees spend 40 hours or more each week in the work environment, and at least one meal or snack is usually eaten at work. Click here for a downloadable PDF containing more details on why you should consider creating a healthy nutrition environment at work! Packing healthy lunches for your child ensures that he will stay fueled throughout the day with nutritious foods that help boost concentration and memory.
After a morning spent cooped up in class, the last thing your child wants to see when lunchtime rolls around is a soggy sandwich. Kids love to dip their foods, so create a lunch that takes advantage of this natural inclination. Salads are a great way to get your child to eat more vegetables at lunch, but you need to move beyond iceberg lettuce covered in fatty dressing if you want your kids to greet their lunch salads with enthusiasm instead of dread.
Creating a fun and attractive bento box is a sure way to excite and entertain your child when he opens up his lunch box later in the day. Bridget Coila has been writing professionally since 1998 and specializes in health, nutrition, pregnancy, pet and parenting topics. A person's eating habits are typically acquired during his childhood, according to The Dairy Council. School lunches that provide more calories than a child needs to maintain his body weight can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Teenagers who eat fast food frequently consume more fat and calories and fewer essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, than their counterparts, according to The Dairy Council.
By providing nutritious options at work, worksites can support employees in making healthy choices each and every day.
However, a healthy lunch is only truly nutritious if your child actually eats it, so adding a dose of fun and creativity to your child's packed lunches can make the difference between a meal he will look forward to and one he will want to trade away to other kids. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story.
Therefore, healthier school lunches would lead to healthier nutritional choices throughout children's entire lifetimes.
This not only can compromise the child's health, but also lead to health problems as an adult.
She writes primarily on health, career advice, outdoor pursuits and travel for various websites. Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on health promotion at work, healthcare savings ranged from $1.49 to over $5. For the filling, you can use roasted chicken breast and thinly sliced vegetables topped with plain yogurt or hummus. By making healthy school lunches the norm as opposed to the exception, children will inadvertently learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

According to Colorado State University, children who are overweight have increased risks of developing health problems, including diabetes and hypertension, and becoming obese adults.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that lunch is a well-balanced meal to ensure that your child receives good nutrition. Additionally, health promotion programs such as creating a healthier nutrition environment at work improves the work climate, improves recruitment and retention of employees, reduces absenteeism, and increases productivity.
Use tuna or diced chicken breast for protein and create your own healthy dressing using yogurt as a base. Make the eyes, ears, mouth, hair and decorative features from slices of fruit, berries, sliced low-fat turkey and healthy raw or boiled vegetables. A healthy lunch can give children the energy they need to stay focused, pay attention in class, and learn the information presented to them in their classes after lunchtime. The reverse is also true; children who are provided with sugary, fatty foods at school can develop poor eating habits that can last a lifetime. Kids will enjoy eating the separate foods with their fingers, while the variety gives them all the nutrients they need.

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