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2.В Blueberry Bliss Breakfast Bars Gluten-free and vegan, these bars are packed with healthy dried fruits and nuts, while almond butter, maple syrup and applesauce bind the nutty goodness together.
6. Ginger Vanilla Protein Crunch Bars Made with crystallized ginger, coconut, vanilla, and almonds, there’s plenty of flavor in these dairy- and gluten-free bars. 9. Fudge Brownie Chocolate Protein Bars Quash mid-afternoon hunger with these bars that pack seven grams of protein per serving. Subscribe to the Life by DailyBurn newsletter for healthy tips, articles, recipes and more.
Homemade chewy granola bars are an incredibly easy recipe that can serve as a tasty, healthy breakfast, snack, or even a health-conscious dessert. Bowen CloseBowen Close believes that food should make people happy and healthy, and loves bringing together people with creative, delicious food made from the heart.
Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I made them last week, smothered them in chocolate and they’re the best ever!

While protein bars can be a convenient way to fuel up before or after a workout, some varieties contain a long list of artificial ingredients and added sugars, which can do more harm than good. Use peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter) mixed with rice crisp cereal and oat flour as a base for these easy no-bake bars.
These bars are perfect for those with peanut allergies, or those who are allergic to spending hours in the kitchen.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein BarsMade with six grams of protein per bar, these chocolatey, peanut buttery bites will put store-bought snacks to shame. Chewy granola bars are an incredibly easy recipe that can serve as a tasty, healthy breakfast, snack, or even a health-conscious dessert (depending on what sorts of delicious little bits you want to sneak inside).
Much healthier than those Quaker bars I used to eat to be a grown up – and much tastier, too. She loves making farm-inspired, flavorful dishes with sustainable ingredients - whether that's a big plate of roasted veggies, a towering chocolate layer cake, or a cocktail utilizing backyard ingredients - and collects recipes and other food-related stories on her website, Bowen AppГ©tit.

Luckily, these homemade protein bar recipes have none of the junk and all of the protein, thanks to energy-boosting ingredients like nuts, nut butters and protein powder. Want to use this recipe as one for my GCSE food tech exam, but need to know what is in them to comment on this to get good marks!
Since the recipe is so flexible it can take a little bit of experimentation to get things working right with specific additions.

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