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Check out here the collection of 5 kid-friendly lunch ideas that takes less time to prepare at home as well it help to keep lunches healthy and enjoyable. Lisa Marsh packs lunches every day for her four kids, but you can bet she needs to eat too!
Myra, of В Mommy and Me Lunchbox recently completed anВ 8-week challenge and competition, with points based on diet and WOD (workout) performance. September 26, 2013 by Jenni Mullinix 6 Comments Trying to get creative when it comes to fixing lunch can be difficult.
Chicken Soup – This can be as easy as opening a can of soup and warming it up or making homemade soup with leftover chicken. Lunch Meat Roll-Ups – My 2-year-old always tears apart her sandwich, so I started rolling the lunch meat up and serving the cheese slices and other veggies on the side. Tomato Soup – Growing up I was never much of a fan of tomato soup, but I found a tasty homemade recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama book that uses tomato sauce, water and yogurt.
This is an absolutely amazing website with hundreds of healthy lunch ideas for your kids or yourself. Every day give your kids something new to look forward at lunch with a range of options which they won’t trade away!

Kids can learn how to plan, prepare and eat a different diet rich in nutrients with these healthy lunch ideas. Watermelon pie is very much refreshing that it lasts only for short time on warm summer days. I decided to take control of my health and my body, and focus on creating a healthier lifestyle.
Because of that I started documenting the lunches I pack my husband, as well as the lunches I do for my daughter (Even snuck a couple lunches that were mine in here).
It’s really easy for me to get in a rut of opening up the fridge or pantry and pulling of the same few things week after week. We warm up one loaded black beans and cheese quite a bit, but you could add meat or make a cold wrap with lunch meat, cheese and lettuce. Spread Queso fresco on whole grain bread, warm it under the broiler for a short time, and get amazing results. A big part of my healthy lifestyle journey dealt with a HUGE overhaul of what I was consuming and my portions. This is what we eat for lunch most often and I love it because it’s so easy and tasty!

So, I decided to put together list of lunch ideas to avoid making the same thing all the time. A woman saved by grace, a wife, a homeschool mama of two girls, a recovering overwhelmed homemaker and a heartfelt writer who is passionate about inspiring women to cultivate a joy-filled, simple life by God's grace and for His glory. The sweet, healthy treat, packed with vitamin C, can be made in advance and chilled until serving time.
Choose big sized potatoes to obtain chips of larger diameter and utilize a mandoline slicer to get identical pieces. For making them stiff, we normally put them in ice and water for about 10 minutes before frying.

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