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We asked our friends Jenny and Jessi at Clean to unwrap the topic of gut health a little for us all. Since our immune systems lie primarily in the gut, it also makes sense that an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and overall gut imbalance will lead to lowered immunity and we’ll be run down, sick and more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. We’re loving this guide to gut health and are giving away one copy of Clean Gut to a lucky reader. As I read more, I’m realizing that so much of my health depends on my digestion, and this is where I need the most help!
I have been researching the relationship between the foods I eat and specific health conditions and skin issues.
Just heard about this and have become very interested in cleaning up my diet and achieving better health. I have dealt with GI issues for over 10 years now and I’d love to learn more by winning this book! I have been wanting to get this message through to my mom who has been caring for my dad as his health continues to slowly decline.
I would like to read about health in this book, because I have cyst in on my liver & kidneys. I’ve made quite a few changes to my diet, more vegies, probiotics and what a difference it’s made!
I just bought the book, as a long-time sufferer of IBS and other gut issues and am starting the program. Problems like leaky gut, inadequate beneficial bacteria, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut can all contribute to chronic inflammation, so add chronic inflammation to the list of all the overwhelming reasons for keeping our guts healthy and supported!
Chronic skin issues like acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis can be primarily linked to our gut health. I’ve struggled for years with terrible GI issues and in the past year, changing my awareness of my diet to eliminate many triggers has made a huge difference. I have become interested in fermented foods and their healing power, & interested in this book!

With Crohn’s disease, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue plaguing me I KNOW my gut is in dire need of help. I am actually off all meds and by eating healthy and exercising, I have kept my colitis symptoms under control.
I’ve been having horrible digestive issues lately and I would love to read Dr Junger’s new book!
In his latest book, Clean Gut, a sequel of sorts to the best-selling and simply-titled, Clean, Dr. Probiotics, antioxidant-rich foods, eliminating trigger foods and toxins, healing the gut and rebuilding up the good bacteria are all part of supporting the immune system so you can stay well.
In fact, one study has linked pathogenic bacterial overgrowth to acne, showing that those with a bacterial infection are ten times more likely to have skin disruptions.В Probiotics and a nutrient-dense diet are a great way to combat problem skin and a compromised gut. Stress has a major effect on your health overall, and it can really do a number on your gut.
Through changing my diet to plant based and gluten-free I have been able to almost completely remove my IBS symptoms.
Thank you for this article, and for the opportunity to win this book from an author and doctor whose words I admired in the film. I am constantly reading anything I can about gut health and sharing it with others in my family who deal with similar issues. They put me on prozac as a kid telling me that it was because i lacked sufficient serotonin in the gut but this did not help. The more I read the more I want to stay on the path to good health, every day gets better and better! I’ve experienced how clean eating and maintaining a healthy internal ecosystem can have a dramatic and lasting positive impact on health and beauty.
Junger and his team dial in even deeper on the importance of gut health – the root of so many illnesses and conditions. Alejandro Junger in his new book, Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health.

An overgrowth of bad bacteria can lead to yeast problems like candida, IBS, and general poor health. Gut health is crucial for proper digestion, and the assimilation and absorption of nutrients through food.
This book would be a great read to further increase my knowledge of the gut and help me on my road to recovery. Anyone who is considering giving the Clean Gut program a try should definitely join the online Clean Community.
I have struggled with chronic illness that has only gotten worse as I age, and I am looking into the idea of gut healing to improve my quality of life. Being age 32 and a healthy eater, I was baffled by how my blood sugar readings kept measuring high. In order to continue on this path of vitality and prevention, I can’t wait to read Clean Gut! This would be a great book to make sure I am eating the right foods and understanding the relationship between food and skin (which I’ve been told by every dermatologist that there is no relationship between the two).
This book would help with giving us the information we need to do it properly and successfully. Less than a week in, and I am already seeing the potential for improved overall health and well-being. When a food isn’t broken down fully and the gut is damaged, larger particles of the food may enter the bloodstream and cause the immune system to launch an attack, because it sees your lunch as an intruder rather than a meal. As you heal your gut with proper diet and some supportive supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics, you may notice that you are able to tolerate more foods, and you no longer have seasonal allergy symptoms.

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