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Healthy Gourmet follows nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title as they carry the ongoing battle of taste vs.
I caught this show for the first time last week & would love the recipes, but can't find them!

Their ultimate goal is to help the chosen group find the right balance between food that’s healthy for the heart and tasty for the tongue.

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  2. Narkaman_Lubvi:
    Substitute for almond flour protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese loaded with protein, fiber.
  3. Winner:
    Fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium selenium, various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, and.
    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein.
  5. qaqani:
    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese.