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Whether you love the healthier school lunches or not, there may be some changes ahead that can make them less healthy. CBS News reports about the bill that is in line with what some of the school nutrition directors have lobbied for in terms of easing some of the healthy food standards that are now in effect.
Proponents of the healthier school lunch program are not ready to see the standards lowered and feel it could just take more time for kids to get used to the new tastes.
The American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown thinks the changes the bill makes to healthy lunches can be a detriment to our kids’ health. While I do feel as though some changes needed to be made, I feel it's mainly up to the parents to keep their kids eating a healthy lunch. Packing healthy lunches for your child ensures that he will stay fueled throughout the day with nutritious foods that help boost concentration and memory.
After a morning spent cooped up in class, the last thing your child wants to see when lunchtime rolls around is a soggy sandwich. Kids love to dip their foods, so create a lunch that takes advantage of this natural inclination. Salads are a great way to get your child to eat more vegetables at lunch, but you need to move beyond iceberg lettuce covered in fatty dressing if you want your kids to greet their lunch salads with enthusiasm instead of dread.
Creating a fun and attractive bento box is a sure way to excite and entertain your child when he opens up his lunch box later in the day.

Bridget Coila has been writing professionally since 1998 and specializes in health, nutrition, pregnancy, pet and parenting topics. A recent bill released by Congress aims to ease some of the requirements on whole grains and put off the move to lower sodium in the foods kids consume for school lunch. Some complain that the healthier requirements placed on the lunch menu are too restrictive and costly.
The new bill will also put off a push to lower the sodium levels in school lunch by the year 2017.
If you don't want your child to eat unhealthy at school, take the time to pack them a healthy lunch.
However, a healthy lunch is only truly nutritious if your child actually eats it, so adding a dose of fun and creativity to your child's packed lunches can make the difference between a meal he will look forward to and one he will want to trade away to other kids.
You can create a cute character, such as a bunny or puppy, using food as the canvas inside a box-shaped washable container.
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For the filling, you can use roasted chicken breast and thinly sliced vegetables topped with plain yogurt or hummus. You would be surprised what you can give a kid to eat that's healthy if you just add a little something else to it to make it more appealing.

Use tuna or diced chicken breast for protein and create your own healthy dressing using yogurt as a base.
Make the eyes, ears, mouth, hair and decorative features from slices of fruit, berries, sliced low-fat turkey and healthy raw or boiled vegetables. Just like I feel that teachers have too much responsibility put on them to discipline children in school when it should really be done at home for the most part, I feel that healthy lunch starts at home, too.
Another option is to create multiple small servings of different foods, such as carrots cut into stars, cooked multicolored pasta, fresh blueberries, slices of hard-boiled egg and diced ham, in a container with multiple separate compartments or in paper cupcake liners within a larger box.
I wouldn't be surprised if the people who are complaining about school lunches are the parents who give their kid's Mcdonald's. Kids will enjoy eating the separate foods with their fingers, while the variety gives them all the nutrients they need.

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