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Although I’m not a mother myself, being an Indian cooking instructor for over fifteen years has exposed me to many women going through motherhood wanting their small children to eat a variety of foods, try exotic and new flavours and also get them to eat the same foods the ‘big people’ eat. As they get into solid foods, their palates are continually experiencing new flavours and textures, and their likes or dislikes become more pronounced.
In the end, if your toddler embraces the same foods you and your family enjoys, this will make mealtimes easier and less work — no one can argue with that! It’s not only the heat-giving spices like chili and black pepper that can turn off a toddler from Indian foods.

Keeping Indian curries and dishes mild and easy going is key to getting your toddler to enjoy Indian foods. The first waft of hot spices like chili powder or black pepper can steer your little ones away from Indian foods indefinitely. As a small child, I vividly remember myself picking each and every cumin seed from a Jeera Rice that my mother happily presented me and the same went for cilantro. Make a mild version of a curry, set some aside and add in extra spices as you would normally make the dish for yourself, which will also save you from cooking a completely different meal fore each member of the family.

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    Flour in many baked goods substitute for almond flour.
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    Did You Know?Sunflower seed used.