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You're all too familiar with what happens when your period hits: Your stomach cramps, your cravings go into overdrive, and eating healthfully seems like a major test of willpower.
The good news is that making minor adjustments to your eating habits, even slightly, means you don't have to cheat on your healthy-living regimen for one week each month.
Bloating is a nightmare for many women, and your level of bloat has to do with what you're putting in your body.
Many women who are menstruating may lack iron, as they lose it through the blood they eliminate.
This happens because there are several stages to the menstrual cycle and a woman’s body goes through many changes during this time. The stages are: premenstrual stage, follicular stage, luteal stage, period (bleeding) stage and post menstrual stage.
Inflammation and prostaglandins also play a role during the menstrual cycle in respect to pain and discomfort and escalating it.
Over the years there have been many medical treatments for some of these symptoms including pharmaceuticals and over the counter (OTC) drugs. There are specific foods to eat while on your period, when you have menstrual cramps or want to regulate your menstrual cycle and decrease your pms symptoms. We will also look at why women have food cravings during their menstrual cycle and what foods they crave. There is also an Indian way of life called Ayurvedic that is holistic and based on eating specific healthy foods based on your body style and holistic healing. Women will tell you that during their menstrual cycles they often find themselves craving things like salty food, junk foods, raw food, spicy and greasy food. This study attempted to see if vitamin B, in diet and in the form of vitamin supplements, plays a role in PMS development. If getting the needed nutrients through diet is difficult for you for whatever reasons, try a supplement that has a multitude of these important vitamins, minerals and herbs such as Period Vitamin. The need for iron is also about 30 percent greater in girls who are beginning to menstruate.

Girls and young women also need about 20 percent more zinc as they enter puberty and begin their cycles. Eating healthy during your time of the month can be a challenge, but making minor adjustments to your eating habits can help you through the worst of your menstrual cycle.
For instance in the follicular stage there is an abundance of estrogen released into the body that causes a hormonal imbalance.
The multitude of symptoms that oppress women during the menstrual cycle can include bloating, abdominal cramps, mood swings, irregular and heavy bleeding, headaches and migraines, back aches, acne, insomnia, weight gain, food cravings, light sensitivity, vomiting, and nausea.
The over the counter medications Pamprin and Midol were developed and sold as treatments for pms in general. Because of the vitamins and minerals present in their purest forms in some foods, there are foods that can lessen, prevent and help to ease menstrual cramps and decrease the other pms symptoms. There are anti-inflammatory foods, anti pms foods, comfort foods and mood enhancing foods that women can turn to during menstruation. Things like meditation and yoga are important here as well as eating meals warm not cold and never raw. Many women also have food cravings during their menstrual cycle and this is caused by changes in your blood sugar levels. Girls who are just beginning to menstruate have increased nutritional needs that drive the boost in appetite that is on par with their male counterparts. As bones begin to grow and lengthen in adolescence, calcium compounds must be present for bone formation to take place since osteoblasts, or bone-forming cells cannot make their own calcium but rather take it from the blood and deposit it in the bone.
Zinc is essential for growth, healing and tissue repair because it helps synthesize DNA and RNA, molecules that play the main role in cell division.
Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Healthy Eating editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Eating a diet rich in fibre can help prevent constipation, enabling you to retain your energy.
Pre-menstrual syndrome consists of a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms that can occur anytime from a few weeks before menstruation to a few weeks after the menses or bleeding stops.

The menstrual cycle has 5 distinct stages and different changes occur and different symptoms occur during these stages. Although foods loaded with empty calories such as ice cream, cookies, and chocolate may be particularly appealing during menstruation, it is important to consume foods rich in nutrients that developing bodies need. In addition, calcium facilitates the proper functioning of the blood-clotting cascade and allows for greater absorption of vitamin B-12, which is particularly important for cognitive development. Zinc also aids in metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, consumption of which inevitably may increase during the pre-menstrual days and the time of menstruation. Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that is known to soothe menstrual cravings in addition to boosting serotonin, which improves your mood. During the pre-menstrual stage there are the beginnings of the estrogen release and following the period stage you can have another release of estrogen that causes some women to have post menstrual symptoms. None of these medications treated all of the symptoms of pms and some worked better for some women than for others. Deficiencies in iron during menstruation lead to a lowered oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. The foods recommended by the Ayuredic are iron rich foods, natural foods and what we would call today healthy foods. Adipose tissue contributes to the circulating pool of estrogen as pubertal changes occur, allowing for normal development to occur.
Teas containing Valerian or Chamomile are especially good for treating muscle aches and cramping, anxiety and stress. Saturated fats and trans fats found in fried foods are the fats that tend to lead to adult health complications, such as cardiovascular disease, whereas unsaturated fats, found in fish and nuts, promote brain development and tend to be of the protective kind.

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