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A Heather’s Pick Book: chosen personally and loved by Heather Reisman (CEO of Indigo Books) and guaranteed to be a great read.
Recommended Product of the MonthMaking healthy food choices at the grocery store or supermarket can be challenging.
The book is also part of Indigo’s Trusted Advisor Health Program (recommended by Indigo’s panel of medical experts). There are a variety of cooking shows on television and online that not only teach us how to cook but also expose us to healthy recipes and foods that we might not otherwise try.
Books and magazines have a lot to offer our children when it comes to learning about healthy eating and nutrition.
There are many famous chefs available to help us teach our children about healthy eating and nutrition. If you search the internet you’re likely to find thousands of websites with healthy recipes which are also a wealth of information about nutrition. Gym and health teachers are also a great resource for teaching kids about nutrition and healthy living.
Even with all of these great resources for exposing your children to healthy eating, you are the most important influence. This book is conveniently divided into chapters that are based on each month of your pregnancy and the early postpartum phase. Overall, this book makes a case for incorporating meat and dairy into your diet during pregnancy.

Despite the fact that the three books have differing philosophies on vegetarianism, they do all have one thing in common, and that is that quality, whole foods are ideal for pregnant women. After a year of developing recipes, begging my chef friends to offer their favorite healthy (but decadent!) creations, testing, eating, and working with NYC nutritionist Brooke Alpert, who contributed prego-nutrition information for the front of the book and nutritional breakdowns of each recipe, I’m proud to introduce you to the next book you should buy.
Honestly, if your definition of eating well takes both health and flavor into account, you will love this book. You can find them in all sorts of media from books to magazines to documentaries and television programs.
There are also millions of cookbooks that contain healthy recipes and even nutritional guides to help us teach our children about healthy eating.
They can teach us how to cook for our kids and how to eat in the healthiest ways to be a good example for the children. Children often mimic their parent’s behavior and if you eat healthy, they will want to do the same. Overall, it is a concise book for those who would like to incorporate or maintain a vegetarian diet while pregnant. Written in an in-your-face, sarcastic manner, the book aggressively takes a stand against the dairy industry and the corporate giants who pump sugar and other fillers into products. There aren’t many suggestions for recipes and menu options.В  For more recipe tips and ideas, I would keep an eye out for recipes and product reviews in magazines, healthy cookbooks, trusted media sources and holistic food consultants. Check out pregnancy mecca The Bump, which is featuring photos and instructions to recipes from Healthy Eating During Pregnancy.

Called Healthy Eating for Pregnancy and due to release in March 2011, it features 100 spectacular recipes that happen to be good for you and your growing babe, but, more importantly, are about as far as you can get from the kinds of bland, appetite-crushing options I have seen in other pregnancy health books. It is so important for kids to learn about eating healthy at a young age so they will know how to eat for a long, healthy life. There are books and magazine articles for every age group starting with picture books for toddlers and going through to adulthood. Some nutritionists will even work directly with the kids to teach them about nutrition and how to eat right for health. If you’d like to learn more about eating healthily and optimally during your pregnancy and beyond, here are three books to read that will guide your eating habits and choices during this joyful, miraculous stage of creating a new life! There are several magazine style Q&A’s throughout the book, which allows for easy skimming (it is 400 pages). By eating right, the mother can avoid complications that are likely to occur during pregnancy. Participants will take a survey that will result in being quoted in the book, be acknowledged by name, if desired, and sent a free copy.

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