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Joanne Henson is a health and weight loss coach, specialising in helping people with a history of failed diets and fitness regimes to change their relationship with food and exercise for good. Encourages health, strength, balance through homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, supplements, kinesiology.
Diploma in ДЂyurvedic Healthcare, 3-year self-paced distant learning program in ДЂyurvedic medicine.
Nash’s talks are a great opportunity to learn first hand about his experience in helping others achieve healthier, happier and more productive lives. In his extremely motivational, informative, inspirational and enjoyable talks, Nash covers the subjects of lifestyle, motivation, personal improvement, achieving and maintaining good health through healthy eating and effective exercises.

Eating a bar of your favourite chocolate or slice of pizza without a side order of guilt will make it so much more enjoyable. From unhealthy beginnings she overcame her own obstacles and now motivates and inspires others to become the healthier, leaner, happier people they’ve always wanted to be. Savour it, embrace the pleasure it’s giving you and know that it’s not the end of your healthy intentions. Expend your energy on developing a different approach to eating and exercise instead, and make some changes to your environment. If you enjoy a glass of wine, know that that’s OK as long you’re consistently nourishing your body with healthy food.

If you don’t want to find yourself eating crisps out of boredom in front of the TV in the evening, don’t have crisps in the house. If you don’t want to find yourself eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits at your desk, buy individually wrapped ones, one at a time.
If you’re tempted by the bread basket when you’re eating out, ask your friends to put it at the other end of the table, out of your reach.

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