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Whether it’s the Chinese takeout you wolfed down during final exam week, the sticky sushi your order in weekly or the creamy rice pudding your grandmother made when the family visited, rice is a staple of many of our diets. Though white rice certainly wins the popularity contest, its brown counterpart, free from the extra milling and polishing process that destroys important vitamins, is considerably healthier than the white variety – in fact, rice loses 67% of vitamin B3, 80% of vitamin B1, half of the manganese, 60% of the iron and all of the dietary fiber when undergoing the additional processes that make it white rather than brown.
One of our favorite at-home recipes: brown rice cooked with sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and scallions – a perfect accompaniment to meat, fish, tofu or even eggs! Topics: #calabaza, #coco, arroz, asparagus, brown rice, cilantro, coconut, garlic, hispanic food, Hispanic recipes, latin flavor, Latin food, latin recipes, National Rice Month, riceLatin cuisine is filled with delicious rice recipes, but these three are as healthy as they are tasty. And yet, with the incidence of diabetes and obesity in our community, many families are challenged to reduce their amount of rice intake in order to better balance their diet. A great way to amp up a plain rice dish (both in flavor and nutrition) is to stir fry it with some crunchy veggies, and plenty of herbs. This warm, rustic rice dish will add a splash of colour to your dinner table and packs a hearty flavour punch.

Many of us, though, seem to think a bowl of white rice as a healthy option, especially when paired with steamed chicken and broccoli (and compared with a box of oily and cheesy pizza).
Moreover, unlike the white variety, brown rice contains a healthy amount of fiber, a notable dose of selenium (a mineral known for its effectiveness in reducing the risk of colon cancer) and oils shown to help lower bad cholesterol.
Today, in honor of National Rice Month, we’re featuring healthier versions of classic Latin style rices, all of them using whole grain brown rice—which has a far better nutritional profile that plain white rice—and all are packed with flavor. Some nutritionists say it may not only be heart healthy but may also good for the body, inside and out, in a number of ways—from fighting off bacterial and viral infections to promoting weight loss to regulating blood sugar and thyroid function.
Serve this healthy rice recipe along with a crisp tossed salad for a perfectly balanced country feed. We know, rice doesn’t taste like much, it’s not particularly salty and few would actually eat it without a helping of meat or vegetables on top, but there is a healthier option: brown rice!
Plus, with its slightly nutty flavor, it’s a relatively easy swap to make for considerable health benefits.

It’s hard to imagine our cuisine without the staple that accompanies just about everything. Combined withВ calabaza it’s downright delicious, and turns brown rice into a great sweet-savory dish. From soaking up deliciously soupy beans to acting as the perfect counterpoint to stewed, flavorful chicken in a classic arroz con pollo to resting beneath a juicy bistec, a mound of steaming rice completes any Latin meal.

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