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When children follow a healthy eating plan, they are more likely to enjoy enhanced emotional stability, better concentration, and a reduced risk of chronic diseases later in life.
Consider speaking with your child’s school administrators to determine if the school follows the new national standards. If your child’s lunchroom menu appears inadequate, you might consider packing lunch for him or her this year.
At Sunrise Children’s Hospital, our pediatrics team includes clinical dietitians, who provide extensive nutritional counseling for patients and parents.
Getting your children to eat healthy at home is challenging enough, but to get them to eat healthy in school can seem virtually impossible.
If getting your kids to learn healthy and nutritious habits is important, it pays to find creative ways to get them to “buy-in” to the idea. Educate Them: Demanding that your children eat healthy without any explanation as to why isn’t very convincing. Incorporate What They Like: If your child doesn’t like Brussels sprouts and won’t eat them with you around, then it doesn’t pay to send them to school with Brussels sprouts in their lunchbox.
Brett Blumenthal is owner of Sheer Balance and bestselling author of 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You (January 2012) and Get Real and STOP Dieting! She has 20 years of experience in wellness promotion and almost 10 years experience in management consulting; including branding, change management, and training strategy and development for Fortune 100 companies.

You have a say in what your child eats at home, but as for the school cafeteria, it becomes a little harder.
One of the best ways to show your kids how to make healthy choices when it comes to diet is to eat well yourself.
If the lunch choices at the caf are truly poor and you have the time, pack your kids' lunches for school so you have a say in what they eat. Taking on the school system to transform what is sold in the school's cafeteria is a huge undertaking, and it's understandable if you don't have the time to do so.
Our community hospital in Las Vegas also offers care for mothers with high-risk pregnancies and emergency care for children, in addition to our state-of-the-art NICU.
The more you involve them, the more likely they will buy-in to your master plan of getting them to eat healthier.
But unfortunately the choices offered in the average school cafeteria are often not the healthiest. That said, if there is peer pressure (and there likely will be) for your child to eat cafeteria food (and they'll want to be like all their friends), then allow them to be like everyone else one day of the week and eat cafeteria food. While schools aren’t required to adhere to these standards, there are financial incentives for them to do so. Her next book, A Whole New You: Six Steps to Ignite Change for Your Best Life will be released on December 18, 2012.

But you should also take the time to explain what healthy eating is, how food affects our bodies and how, in the long run, healthy eating will help you all lead long, active lives.
More recently, the USDA has set aside funds for schools to achieve healthier school lunch standards.
If your child needs some direction in understanding what are healthy choices, provide them with options that they can choose from as opposed to letting them name things from scratch. She regularly speaks at conferences, spas and wellness centers, and consults on topics of health and wellbeing, as well as business strategy. For example, instead of a pizza party,В suggest they change the reward to an outdoor games hour, or instead of selling chocolate bars for fundraising, opt to sell crafts.
These initiatives can encourage schoolchildren to choose more vegetables and fruits in the cafeteria, along with lean protein sources such as vegetable burgers as opposed to beef burgers. Granted, I’m not an advocate for getting children to want McDonald’s, but the point here is that children don’t want to eat grown-up food, they want to eat “fun” food.

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