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However, it is confusing because the dough recipe will make actually make 3 regular sized pizzas serving 10 people.
Tonight is college football night so I thought you might enjoy this simple yet delicious Margherita Pizza recipe.
We have collected 30 of the best, healthiest and most delicious lunches for a full months worth of recipes, that you can use to plan the rest of your meals around.
If a slice of pizza is one of your weaknesses, it's not something you'll want to indulge in on a regular basis, especially if you usually down two slices or more.

This pizza alternative is a cinch to whip up since the dough is made from slices of packaged quinoa polenta, making this dish gluten-free.
Skipping a healthy, well balanced lunch can have you over indulging later on in the day, or grabbing a fast, processed and unhealthy snack. Simple, healthy and filling, you can cook a big batch of soup up and freeze the leftovers for a lazy day. Although there is no cheese in this recipe, it still tastes absolutely delicious and is much better for you.

Tempeh is a fantastic meat substitute and the orange glaze on this fish makes it succulent and delicious.
Although more of a breakfast recipe, this nutrient filled meal is perfect for a light, tasty lunch.

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