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Click below to find fun, easy HCG phase 2 recipes and start enjoying you meals today. Bon appetit!
So now you know what to eat on the hCG diet, and have your own 5 day hCG diet sample meal menu. You can always review hCG diet food to make your grocery list of allowed foods on the plan. Applesauce can be used in place of fat when converting a non hCG diet recipe that call for oils or butter. Im on the 5th week of phase 2 now and for the past week ive stayed between three pounds higher then my lowest weight(151) on the diet so far, but iv'e been following protocol directly and I cant get past the 150s at all. Spaghetti and pasta healthy recipe can be consumed during Hcg maintenance and stabilization phases.

The HCG diet plan has numerous sites dedicated to HCG approved recipes in spite of the limitations of the types of foods that can be consumed.
The HCG meal plans are limited in the choice of main ingredients as the HCG diet plan is very rigid about the foods that are permitted & those that are not.
The immense popularity of the HCG diet has created a huge requirement for recipes and meal plans that fit the strict requirements of the HCG Diet Plan. Shirataki Miracle Noodles are Calorie free, Gluten Free, Fat free and are extremely rich in soluble fibers. This blog features sumptuous low calorie recipes that can be easily taken during HCG diet protocol. As a dieter you are supposed to feed on low calorie food items so that abnormal fat banks in your body gets quickly melted.

This is a very tasty dessert recipe that is less time consuming and gives a healthy feeding, even during your Hcg diet. If you are on weight loss diet like Hcg, you need to consume food a very low calorie diet so that abnormal fat do not enter in your body. There are many foods that are prohibited, as they would interfere with the functioning of the HCG hormone during the diet. He's about to do the diet for a third time, I also want to do it after labor day but for me its more about kick starting weight loss so i can keep it off, i dont plan to use this as my yoyo dieting tool.

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