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You can change up the meat and the veggies in this recipe easily, which allows for many variations and will stave off boredom! Ya, I was excited to see a new GAPS legal recipe and bummed when I saw the sweet potatoes…a nono!! I found your website a few days ago and made this recipe first since I already had everything on-hand.
Using actual packages of Hamburger Helper and cookbook comparisons for the types of varieties offered along with my own cooking common sense and experience, I’ve broken down some of the most popular Hamburger Helper varieties. What you need to have onhand to create homemade helpers: Ground beef, various herbs and seasonings and other basic pantry items (such as sugar, salt, and corn starch), pasta, rice, potatoes, canned tomatoes, and cheese. In homemade helper, you cut out the dried cheese, preservatives, and food colorings combined with the seasonings in the store-bought sauce packet.

My love of cooking real food and my love of hamburger helper have always been in conflict, until now. I hated Hamburger Helper when it first came out and I have not bought it since, but I am thinking that my husband would probably like it. This is probably just the recipe for the library cookbook in the makings…I’ll be sure and credit you too! Highlight the recipe text and pictures by left-clicking at the title of the recipe and dragging the cursor to the end of the recipe. You have tremendous recipes (I’ve tried many of them!) and with your talent for writing and photography joined with your culinary talents, I can see an extremely marketable book.
I too stopped using hamburger helper because I didn’t know what all that random stuff was in the ingredients.

We like Hamburger Helper too, especially potato stroganoff, but once I read the ingredients, I’ve never bought it again. I wouldn’t serve this recipe to more than two people as an entree, though, three if there is a side dish.

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