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With every change of season our immune system takes a beating, especially between fall and winter. Many ancient cultures had special brews of immunity-boosting herbs and foods that were ritually taken at the turn of seasons or at the beginning of winter and summer solstices.
Edible seeds in the process of germination are excellent sources of many bioactive compounds that increase immunity.
Edible mushrooms are another group of nutritious fungi favored for their immunity-enhancing properties. Fresh oils have immunity boosting fatty acids; examples are lauric acid found in coconut oil and oleic acid in olive oil.
Green tea has several times the anti-oxidant power of the usual tea brewed from fermented tea leaves.
In addition to eating immune boosting foods, managing stress, sleeping well and getting ample exercise will all work towards making your body strong and armed for whatever foreign invaders cross its path.

Researchers at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston attribute the protective effect of turmeric to the immune-modulating action of curcumin.
Japanese organic matcha tea, made of whole powdered tea leaves, is the best form of green tea. The islanders of Ikaria, known for their longevity, reportedly drink a lot of herbal teas throughout the day.
In Southern parts of India, donkey’s milk is traditionally given to infants to increase their immunity to common childhood diseases.
The body uses these bioactive compounds to combat inflammation and infections, support detoxification and immune cell function. Since a large portion of our immune system is regulated by our intestinal health, it is wise to consider keeping as many healthy bacteria thriving as possible.
The high vitamin content, blood-sugar and cholesterol lowering chromium, as well as the immunity-enhancing selenium, may be responsible for the super food status of brewer’s yeast.

Eating a variety of fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables daily is recommended for optimal immune function. The greatest advantage of sprouts is that you can easily make a fresh batch on your kitchen counter, and enjoy all the health benefits without worrying about nutrient loss in storage. A continuous supply of Vitamin C and a good amount of Vitamin E can significantly improve immune status.

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