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Whether it’s a guys night in to watch your favorite team play football, or a tail gating party, the food doesn’t get any better than this.
Easy german recipes – simple food from germany, Easy german recipes to fill you up and make you happy. Spiced Beef SandwichSpiced Beef SandwichTender spiced beef is great to have on hand for lunch or a quick snack, with pickles and coleslaw.
The Great Depression caused many hardships, but the cuisine of the time certainly didn't suffer! This round-up includes a wide variety of Depression era recipes, from hobo tin foil dishes to egg-less cakes.
I have a well-kept secret for you: the best Depression era recipes are actually the desserts. Subscribe to our free recipe newsletter and we will send you delicious recipes and special offers to your inbox. We collect Simple Italian Recipes which are easy to make yet very interesting and delicious.

This is a simple recipe but does take a little bit of time due to having to cook down the BBQ sauce; but it is well worth the effort. These quick and delicious recipes are perfect for fall and winter months, including Hot German Potato Salad and Crockpot Pork with.
Find German food like Sauerkraut, Apple Strudel, Dumplings, Apple Cake, Bratwurst, and more..
These 21 Classic Great Depression Era Recipes are proof that food from the 1930s is worth bringing back again. You could even serve some of the recipes as a hearty lunch, like Amish Church Soup and Hungry Hobo Beans.
Take note of Free Healthy Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Casserole Recipes, Italian Seafood Recipes. I cooked the recipe as written and love the way it is seasoned, but you can turn up the heat a little bit if you wish to do so, by increasing the amount of Tabasco sauce and black pepper. People at the time were forced to discover creative ways to use food efficiently, resulting in some very delicious and cheap dishes.

Don't worry about taking a long time to make them - most of these recipes require minimal effort and very little time.
Make sure to try Grandma's Zucchini Squares, too - they're a great way to use up your leftover zucchini, and they serve as both the vegetable and the bread components of your dinner. But, the 1930s Banana Cake is definitely the best, with mashed bananas and buttermilk in the recipe to make the cake moist. Plus, a lot of these meal ideas are taken straight from old-fashioned kitchens, so you'll love eating foods that are exactly like the ones your grandma used to make.

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