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The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrate foods individuals with diabetes use to manage their disease. A number of factors influence the digestion and absorption rate of food, including ripeness, particle size, the nature of the starch, the degree of processing and preparation, the commercial brand, and the characteristics of the diabetic patient, and these factors naturally affect each food's glycemic index position or rank. Experts disagree regarding the use of the glycemic index in athletes' diets and in exercise performance. The ability of a carbohydrate food to raise blood sugar quickly or slowly is called the glycemic index (GI).
Some experts recommend looking at the glycemic load of a food rather than its glycemic index to get a better picture of how the body responds to it.
Glycemic load is calculated by measuring the carbohydrate content of a specific amount of food and multiplying it by the GI.
For example, carrots have a relatively high GI, but the glycemic load of a serving of carrots is quite low because the total amount of carbohydrate in one carrot is very small.

The glycemic index and glycemic load of foods can be used to determine how much they cause insulin levels to rise.
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In addition, differences exist in the glycemic indeces of foods due to the choice of reference food, the timing of blood sampling, or the computational method used to calculate the glycemic index.
For people with diabetes, the glycemic index is a useful tool in planning meals to achieve and maintain glycemic control. Insufficient evidence exists supporting the benefit of low glycemic meals prior to prolonged exercise. Largely without nutritive value and high on the glycemic index scale, this stuff is likely to add to your waistline. The lower a food’s glycemic index or glycemic load, the less it affects blood sugar and insulin levels.

Generally, the glycemic index is calculated by measuring blood glucose levels following the ingestion of a carbohydrate. Foods with a low glycemic index release sugar gradually into the bloodstream, producing minimal fluctuations in blood glucose.
As a result, awareness of the glycemic indices of food assists in preventing large variances in blood glucose levels.

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