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In the Advanced Glycemic Index, the higher the AGI number, the quicker the consumed food is converted to blood glucose and the greater the insulin response – and the least healthy that food is from a blood glucose elevating and insulin stimulating standpoint.  Chronically elevated blood glucose is the well-known precursor to insulin resistance and blood sugar problems, and a strong contributory factor in weight gain, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. The most important factors that influence weight gain are diet, sleep, exercise, and the balance between the appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin. Bottom line: The consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates, dietary fat, and wheat products stimulates weight gain. If you’re reading this blog post on 5th March 2012, there’s a good chance you came to it as a result of listening to discussion on BBC Radio 4’s programme ‘You and Yours’ about the most appropriate diet for those suffering from diabetes. However, including starchy (and sometimes sugary) foods such as these in the diet will likely worsen blood sugar control (compared to a diet lower or devoid of these foods), thereby increasing the need for medication and enhancing risk of complications. It should also be pointed out that, overall, low-carbohydrate diets are significantly more effective than higher carbohydrate, lower-fat diets for weight loss (the evidence is comprehensively reviewed in my latest book Escape the Diet Trap).
Low-carbohydrate eating is not a magic pill, but in practice countless individuals have found it to be highly effective for controlling blood sugar levels and improving markers for disease.
The usual accusation that such diets are high in fat, including ‘saturated’ fat that can cause heart disease (that diabetics are prone to).
The medical literature is full of studies that show a low-carb diet is an excellent strategy for reducing insulin spikes and controlling diabetic symptoms. The Standard American Diet has nearly eliminated the bitter taste by packing our foods and products with SUGAR. It also contains a fiber, inulin, which may slow glucose absorption, which is why it has a lower glycemic index (around 35) to regular table sugar (which is around 64). Like stevia, it is a whopping ZERO on the glycemic index, making it a great option for blood sugar balance! Carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and beets are so good roasted with a little ghee or coconut oil and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh pepper.

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In amongst a whole raft of food and diet companies, you’ll see ‘Kelloggs’ (who make Sultana Bran and Special K) and ‘Shredded Wheat’. One study, for instance, found that a low-carbohydrate diet over 6 months allowed more than 95 per cent of type 2 diabetes to reduce or eliminate their medication entirely [2]. Actually, there is good evidence that when carbohydrate is cut from the diet, while the percentage of fat increases in the diet, the absolute amount of fat in the diet stays about the same (in other words, those switching to low-carb eating don’t generally eat more fat as a result) [3-6].
Again, no association was found between saturated fat and heart disease.В This review also included a meta-analysis of intervention studies in which the effects of low-fat diets (these usually target saturated fat specifically) were assessed. For example, studies show supplementing the diet with fibre does not reduce the risk of cancerous tumours or pre-cancerous lesions [12-14].
Nothing odd about that, except that they, apparently, were using Krispy Kreme doughnuts as an inducement. Fruit is included in this equation so like anything, it’s important to focus on moderation and including lower glycemic options, like grapefruit, dark berries and green apples when you want a sweet fix.
It is the best option because, unlike all other sweeteners, it does NOT affect blood sugar levels and has a glycemic index of 0. Especially try to include those that are more slowly absorbed (have a lower glycaemic index) as these won’t affect your blood glucose levels as much.
Lower fat diets were not found to reduce the risk of either heart attack or risk of death due to heart disease.
His enquiries reveal that Diabetes UK sanctions this approach and discourages the elimination of any food group from the diet.
Dietary carbohydrate restriction in type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome: time for a critical appraisal.

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Dietary fat and coronary heart disease: summary of evidence from prospective and randomised controlled trials.
I believe that a low carb diet should be recommended not just for diabetics, but for everyone.
The western diet is filled with carbohydrates which started when we first became farmers and our bodies have not been able to adapt in this relatively short time.
Changing to a low to moderate carb diet has now got my blood sugars back to nearly those of a non diabetic person within 3 months and I’ve lost over two stone in weight. Sadly, in my view, it’s a message that is consistent with the wrong-headed and potentially dangerous dietary advice that this charity dishes out generally.

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