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She tried many eating plans, from the blood type diet to a high-protein meal plan, but she couldn’t quite detect what it was that her body didn’t like. The machine detected a high sensitivity for gluten and sulphur dioxide – a preservative used in a multitude of products like dried fruit, wine, and sweets. In this healthy, gluten-free cauliflower “pizza” recipe, shredded cauliflower is mixed with mozzarella and oregano to make a flourless crust that echoes the flavor of a traditional pizza pie.
If you have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, there are a variety of foods you can eat, even though following a gluten-free diet means giving up many grains, pastas, cereals and processed foods.
Our nutritionists have verified that these recipes do not include gluten-containing ingredients.

I allow myself to cheat now and then and I strongly believe in the 80-20 rule: most of the time I stick to my GF, sulphite-free diet, but on an odd occasion I like to treat myself to a slice of cheesecake’ – Maybe Corpaci.
The Meyer lemon, olive and sun-dried tomato topping adds a sophisticated Mediterranean flavor, but feel free to try more traditional pizza toppings, such as marinara sauce and mushrooms—even pepperoni. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of rhubarb, make a double or even a triple batch of the rhubarb sauce recipe and freeze it for later in the summer. EatingWell’s gluten-free recipe collection showcases ingredients that are naturally free of gluten, such as meat, fish, rice, fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty grain and starch alternatives to wheat and other sources of gluten. However, many processed foods, such as broths, soy sauce and other condiments, may contain hidden sources of gluten.

Pasture-raised, grass-fed beef is gentler on the environment, free from growth-promoting hormones and typically lower in fat and calories than grain-fed beef.

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