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Indian food by large is spicy and when it comes to outside food then God save you from calories, being accumulated from junk food, pimples and under eye dark circles due to oily food and salty snacks and dull hair and skin due to lack of proper nutrition.
Believe me, you’ll feel the difference with a rejuvenated glowing skin and healthy hair by V-day.
Sunscreen helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful, protecting it from the outside in—but key nutrients in certain foods can shield your skin from damage from the inside out: vitamin C, lycopene, omega-3s, caffeine and isoflavones in soy.
Besides Vitamin A and E and lipoic acid, there are other antioxidants (such as zinc, nicotinamide, and an Omega-3 fatty acid called EPA) used in other studies cited in The Clear Skin Diet to prove their effectiveness in acne treatment. This is crucial because dietary sources of antioxidants can effectively strengthen your body’s natural defense system against free radicals.

I personally would opt for face oils for my moisturizer, as they are more easily absorbed and, counter-intuitively, do not feel oily at all after being absorbed by the skin. Last but not least, belowВ is a food chart where I have organized foods listed in The Clear Skin Diet for both you and me. Better yet, many of the same foods that can boost your defenses against skin cancer (the most common type of cancer) will also help keep your skin smoother and ward off wrinkles. Therefore, make yourself a colorful diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and culinary herbs.
For example, blood levels of antioxidant vitamins such as A, C and E are actually lower in people suffering from acne compared to people with clear skin.

In fact, as early as 1987, there already had been studies that showed a successful acne treatment with a combination of oral vitamin A and E, according to The Clear Skin Diet. For me, whenever I indulge myself by taking too many peanuts, cashews, almonds and walnuts, my sensitive skin immediately breaks out in less than two days (“too many” means I used to consume 20-30 assorted nuts!).

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