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I had done a lot of research on both the band and sleeve previously and knew the sleeve was right for me.
I now have so much more energy to play with the kids and am no longer the grumpy mum I used to be! The beach has always been such a big part of my life, but one where I had grown to feel like an awkward and unwelcome stranger.В  I went from someone who took every opportunity and any excuse to head to the beach, to a recluse hiding away in sarongs sitting on the sand and eventually, staying home all together.
My surfboard ended up being hung on the wall as part of our beach themed dГ©cor.В  My husband Nick and I used to go surfing together.
I am going to Bassano Del Grappa (northern Italy) for a family Christmas and I can’t wait – I no longer fear airline seats or my Zia Rosina’s famous cooking!
Towards the end it was worrying me being the most over weight girl at the gym, I was really putting in the effort but not losing any weight and that was really frustrating.
My weight loss has been amazing, I’ve got more energy and much healthier skin and hair. I had been quite slim when I married but after two children and a battle with cancer, my weight just got away from me over the years. In 18 months I have now lost 66kgs from my biggest weight (160kgs) and have dropped from tight size 26 to comfortable 14-16s.
My health and fitness are greatly improved and I’m doing things now that IВ  couldn’t physically do before the surgery. When I was 30 years old I was a size 12 to 14 but as I became unhappy in my life my weight increased, until after 15 years I was a size 20. I was originally 105kg and now sit at 75kgs and a size 14 and my weight has only fluctuated by 1 – 2 kgs.
My name is Shannon; I had my surgery a month before my 21st birthday in august 2008 weighing 104kgs.
One day while driving I heard a radio advertisement for a seminar at John Flynn Private Hospital and decided that I’d like to learn more about gastric banding. I have had many medical problems that have diminished throughout this journey, like fluid retention in the lower part of my legs, which is no longer as severe, and sciatic back problems, that are now very few and far between.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody at WeightLoss Solutions Australias, especially Taryn (Dietitian) for being so extremely helpful. At 63 years of age I weighed 181kg; I had type 2 diabetes and my whole body was shutting down.
In April of 2009 my daughter made an appointment with WeightLoss Solutions Australia for me. It took a telephone conversation with my brother in the UK for me to decide surgery was my best weight loss solution. Throughout the year following surgery, the team at WeightLoss Solutions Australia has been my personal cheer squad. Our staff is dedicated to excellence in patient care and providing you with a positive surgery experience.
Janese underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico with A Lighter Me and is now a coordinator helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. Sonya is the newest coordinator at A Lighter Me and is also a former patient having had her own weight loss surgery in Mexico. After assessing her eating habits, lifestyle, and weight loss objectives, we determined it was in Jessica’s best interest to consider Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
Her appreciation for a holistic approach to weight loss, that included dietary and psychological advice, led her to WeightLoss Solutions Australia, where she underwent lap band surgery.
I no longer wake up thinking about food, I wake up jump on the scales and see how much weight I’ve lost!
But after I put on all my weight ten years ago I found myself standing in the driveway watching him go off to the beach without me, unwilling and unable to join him because I felt way too uncomfortable.В  It used to leave me in tears.
After finishing up a full time job in Brisbane, I gained quite a bit of weight rapidly which I think was due to the change in routine. The actual balloon itself is like a tool, it stops you from being able to consume what you want to because what you want to consume and what you should are different things.

I had tried everything – diets, groups, gyms, shakes, and had even had a gastric band put in when they just came onto the market. I admire anyone who could go on any normal diet and lose weight, but that just wasn’t me. I was recently in an over 50’s Physical Culture competition which was exciting, being able to celebrate being out there, in fishnets and a leotard with like women of your age, just because we can.
I tried to diet and it would last anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, then all the old habits would come back. The great thing about it is I know I can never put the weight back on, it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders.
I was unhappy with the way I looked and frustrated that I could not wear the clothes I wanted to wear. I can not thank the team enough, its been 12 months since my operation and they still give me 100% support.
At the time I was a size 18, severely depressed, a pre diabetic, anti social, and had no self confidence. My parents and I went along to the seminar, sat and listened to the WLSA team explain all about the surgery. I am a self confident, happy size 12, who loves shopping for a new wardrobe, and I am no longer in constant pain due to my hip disease. My starting weight was 225kg; and, since then, I have gone on to lose 43kg-as of February 11th, 2010-and currently weigh 182kg. I also suffer a form of sleep apnoea- where I stop breath on many occasions throughout the night-which now is not so prominent, and no longer have to get up 5 or 6 times a night to go to the toilet due to so much weight being on my bladder.
My liver and kidneys were struggling, my cholesterol and blood pressure was very high, I had ulcers in both my legs, and I had no pulse in my feet. Being only 18, it was important to provide extra support to Jessica, both before and after surgery. I had lost 50kg twice before but was never able to keep it off always going back to my old habits.
My blood pressure had started to increase, I had a lot of fluid retention and was starting to get joint aches when carrying anything heavy.
It has been fantastic in teaching me about portion control which has really been the key to my weight loss and something I hadn’t realised until the balloon was in place. I’ve adjusted to the lifestyle of only having entree size meals, and now make better meal choices.
I knew I needed a push in the right direction and that was why I had decided to give the balloon a go.
I knew I would have to prepare myself mentally for the procedure and after the first couple of really hard days things started to settle down.
I’d been overweight for as long as I can remember and over the years, with many failed attempts at fad diets, my weight just kept creeping up. I now sleep right through the night most of the time and can’t tell you how great it feels. I’m not as tired as I used to be, because I’m also getting much more sleep and can breathe easier.
I wake up every day feeling better and better; it’s the best thing that I’ve done in my life and I hope to be around for a lot longer as a result.If you think that it’s a hard road, please think again!
Thanks also to the ladies in reception-Carol and Sue-who are fantastic women and are always helpful and cheery.Finally, and most importantly, I wish to thank my family for their love and support. Our staff of weight loss surgery patients have a background in customer service and patient facilitation. Your weight loss results will vary in terms of the amount of weight loss and time it takes to achieve the weight loss. The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice nor creates any physician – patient relationship.
She continues to see the team at WLSA regularly and has gone from 146kg to 77kg in just 12 months.

I’m having it out in May 2011 and looking forward to continuing with my newly developed routines and maintain my weight loss. I looked into gastric banding and decided to get it done at John Flynn Hospital in July 2009. I researched and read as much information as possible, and also knew it was not going to be magically fixed. After doing some research about a lap band I gave WeightLoss Solutions Australia and the team a call.
I can now put my socks on without struggling to breathe and I can generally do a lot more due to having more energy. Thank you to my wife Christine, who always encourages me, takes good care of me, and keeps me on track.
All my bodily functions have returned to normal and I have regained some control over my diabetes and blood pressure.
We will provide you superior service and do our very best to ensure you have the best, most comfortable, worry free experience as possible. Hearing the patient testimonials and listening to the friendly staff ticked so many boxes for me and I knew I was doing the right thing. It’s a relief that as I get older, health issues will be reduced, just as my weight has reduced.
I knew that if I could at least get below a certain weight, then it would give me enough of a head start to be able to maintain or continue to eat less and more sensibly to continue in the right direction. I have a hip disease called perthes and, due to the excess weight I was carrying, I suffered a lot of pain, sometimes making it hard to function on a day to day basis.
I had only heard about gastric banding before, but with a BMI of 59, I was recommended to have sleeve gastrectomy instead.
Now I can enjoy walking to the lookout at Burleigh Heads; something which was simply not possible before surgery, let alone enjoyable. We believe that you have the right to choose the surgery that is best suited to you and your choice should be a team effort between you and your doctor. So I did some research and both my GP and myВ Gynaecologist recommended WeightLoss Solutions Australia.
The staff and surgeon were fantastic and very supportive and the stay in hospital was like being in a resort. I did experience some problems with reflux and vomiting, but overall the results were worth it. I couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered and soon starting exercising to assist in my weight loss. After doing some reading on the procedure, I agreed that it would suit me well and it has been the best thing for me.
If you have any questions or requests at any time before, during or after your procedure, all you have to do is ask. The cost was mainly covered by my health fund, and I was able to take the rest out of my superannuation.
To my mum Roslyn and friend Delma, thanks for pushing me in the right direction and encouraging me to have this procedure. I have new goals in life, including learning marine radio rescue at Cape Byron and babysitting my grandkids. I feel better about myself and since then I have had a tummy tuck plus a breast reduction and lift. I got to travel to the UK for my brother’s wedding and spent two days in Paris on the way home.

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